How to Paint a Car? How to Prepare Auto Paint and Materials?

auto paint material
auto paint material

Car painting can be done easily with the right equipment. However, for this, there are issues to be considered in auto painting. In the case of scratches, rubbing and dents in cars, a bad appearance in terms of cosmetics appears. The best solution to this situation is to paint cars locally or in general. In addition to scratches and dents, sun-induced burns can also cause undesirable appearances in cars. For those who want to paint their car, the first step is to find the necessary paint and auto painting materials. So how do you prepare for this?

What materials are needed for auto painting?

auto paint supplies for a good dyeing process, it should be made into a list and provided before the process. In the auto painting process, a suitable paint and paint materials are required according to the part to be painted. The following materials are required for painting on areas such as fenders, hood, roof, bumper or single door:

  • Plastic putty spatula and putty pulling steel
  • Paste
  • Sandpaper and felt
  • water sander
  • tape for masking
  • Thinner for surface cleaning
  • Primer (spray)
  • Spray paint
  • Newspaper or similar paper for masking
  • Cloth for cleaning

After the auto painting materials are procured, the preparation process for painting can be started. Among the auto paint materials, the selection of the paint that is compatible with the color of the vehicle is very important. For this, the paint code of the vehicle should be learned and the paint should be chosen accordingly. A different or distant color can create an unpleasant color difference in cars, indicating that the car has been painted.

How is auto painting done?

Before the car painting process, a preparation is made at the place to be painted first. At the same time, materials such as primer, paint and varnish should be prepared in mixing bowls. Before the vehicle painting process, a preparation is important in the area to be painted. In this sense, if there is a piece that can be disassembled in this area, it is taken. Parts such as mirrors and laths should be removed as they can both be damaged during the painting process and make the work more difficult. After that, the following steps should be followed for the car painting process:

  • Before painting, if there is a situation such as dents, these dents and dents are corrected in the body shop.
  • Sanding is done in order to make the surface to be putty clean and smooth.
  • After the putty is removed after the first sanding, another correction is made with fine sandpaper, and finally, the surface of the vehicle to be painted becomes smooth with water sanding.
  • Primer paint is applied when the surface is ready for painting. In the meantime, the roll paste can be applied.
  • After the banding process, the painting process is done. Usually 3-4 layers of paint are thrown. After the paint is discarded, varnish is applied.
  • In the last step, zero sanding and paste is applied. After that, the vehicle is ready.

Painting, which is the most important issue in car cosmetics, can give the best results when done with the right paint and painting tools. That's why anyone who wants to paint their car should take action by choosing the right materials.

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