SCT Regulation for Domestic Car TOGG

OTV Arrangement for Domestic Car TOGG
SCT Regulation for Domestic Car TOGG

Turkey's domestic car TOGG, which will be launched in the first quarter of 2023, continues intensively. On the one hand, while the necessary studies for the production of the domestic automobile continue, on the other hand, the domestic automobile zamSome legal arrangements are being made in order to gain an advantageous place in the market at the moment.

In the field of economy, a special article was added to TOGG to the bag law that was discussed in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. With this offer, it is aimed to provide TOGG with SCT advantage. With the proposal of the AK Party deputies, SCT regulation is made to support the production of electric vehicles.

SCT regulation for domestic automobile TOGG

With the tax regulation introduced for Togg, the new tax rate will be 160 percent for electric cars whose engine power does not exceed 700 kW and whose Special Consumption Tax base does not exceed 10 thousand TL, and 40 percent for others. This directly includes Togg's rear-wheel drive (160 kW) model.

Secondly, for those whose engine power exceeds 160 kW, 750 percent SCT will be applied if the Special Consumption Tax base does not exceed 50 thousand TL, and 60 percent for others. This includes the 2-engine (4-wheel drive – 320 kW) version of the Togg.

Koç Holding, Korean and Ford put their plans to establish a battery production facility in Turkey. Moreover, 2 billion dollars were invested.

If we make a rough calculation, the price of the version with 160 kW engine power of TOGG will be 700 thousand TL without tax and if it is below 10 percent SCT, then 18 percent VAT will be applied for 908 thousand TL.

The current SCT base rates are as follows:

Electric vehicles not exceeding 85 kW: 10 percent
Electric vehicles between 85 kW and 120 kW: 25 percent
Electric vehicles over 120 kW: 60%

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