SCT Statement from OYDER President Erciş

OYDER President Ercisten OTV Statement
OYDER President Ercisten OTV Statement

OYDER President K. Altuğ Erciş made evaluations about the Communiqué Amending the General Communiqué on SCT Implementation.

Erciş said in his evaluation:

“With the Communiqué Amending the SCT Implementation General Communiqué published on July 26, 2022, a very important factor that creates unfair competition for our colleagues has been repealed.

If the sale of all goods and services requested by our customers in new vehicle purchases and collected under the name of accessories were carried out by Authorized Dealers with the previous communiqué, they would be included in the SCT base due to the lack of clear legal regulation, and the cost of both the vehicle and the goods and services would increase at the rate of SCT.

With the newly published communiqué, this practice has been brought to a common ground for all market players, and it has been clearly and explicitly arranged that the sale of goods and services to be made after the first registration of the vehicle will not be included in the SCT base and a healthy trade and taxation can be made.

We have repeatedly demanded that this situation be corrected to the detriment of Authorized Dealers and our customers, drawing attention to this unfair competition environment in all our meetings, both directly with the TR Ministry of Treasury and Finance and with the Revenue Administration.

We believe that this development, which will eliminate different prices for the same product, will be more beneficial for our customers. This practice, which will pave the way for our customers to access all goods and services within the scope of accessories on equal terms, will eliminate unfair competition and ensure access to these products and services within free competition conditions.

We are very pleased that this situation, which is contrary to the natural flow of the free competition environment, has been changed with the new communiqué. We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all concerned, especially the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, who provided all kinds of constructive and positive support to our colleagues in this regard.”

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