All-Electric Subaru Solterra Introduced

All-Electric Subaru Solterra Introduced
All-Electric Subaru Solterra Introduced

Subaru's first 100% electric model Solterra was introduced in Turkey at the same time as the world. Completely redesigned from the ground up and built on the new e-Subaru Global Platform specific to electric cars, Solterra continues the brand's AWD (Continuous All-Wheel Drive) tradition. Solterra, with its 160 kW electric motor, a driving range of up to 466 km*1, 150 kW DC charging power and 71.4 kWh battery capacity, will be available for sale as of July with prices starting from 1.665.900 TL.

The press launch of Subaru Solterra was held with the participation of Subaru Corporation Europe Business Unit General Manager and Subaru Europe President and CEO Takeshi Kubota, Subaru Europe Sales and Marketing General Manager David Dello Stritto and Subaru Turkey General Manager Halil Karagülle.

The Subaru Solterra is a completely new model born as an electric vehicle. In the 100% electric Solterra, Subaru stays true to its brand DNA and maintains the features that differentiate the brand, primarily safety, off-road capabilities, permanent four-wheel drive, durability and user-friendliness. Completely redesigned from the ground up and built on the new e-Subaru Global Platform specific to electric cars, Solterra continues the brand's AWD (Continuous All-Wheel Drive) tradition. Solterra, with its 160 kW electric motor and a driving range of up to 466 km, 150 kW DC charging power and 71.4 kWh battery capacity, will be available for sale as of July with prices starting from 1.665.900 TL.

With its All Wheel Drive (AWD) feature, the basis of Subaru's safety philosophy is balanced and comfortable driving in all road conditions. Thanks to Solterra's dual engine placed on the front and rear axles, AWD driving pleasure reaches the next level. In addition, X-MODE and the new Grip Control feature provide off-road performance far beyond expectations for an electric car. A true SUV with the ideal height needed for driving on rough roads, thanks to its minimum ground clearance of 210mm.

Solterra is offered for sale in Turkey in three different versions. The e-Xtreme version will be available for 1.665.900 TL, the e-Xclusive version will be 1.749.500 TL and the top version, the e-Xcellent, will be available for 1.849.500 TL.

Takeshi Kubota, Managing Director of Subaru Corporation Business Unit Europe and President and CEO of Subaru Europe: “The last two years have been tough for all of us. The pandemic has not only affected our private lives, but also caused the destruction of parts and semiconductors. zamcontinued to affect immediate supply, thus limiting our production capacity. Pressure to comply with stringent CO2 regulations has forced many Subaru markets to reduce their product lines and focus almost exclusively on electrified models in some countries. I am aware that this is the case in Turkey as well. However, despite these challenges, I would like to express that Subaru Corporation is loyal and determined to serve its customers and will continue to look to the future. We are in the process of building a strong, innovative brand with new models that incorporate the most advanced, environmentally friendly technology. Subaru's first 100% electric model Solterra is coming to your country. This product was developed in partnership with our partner and remains a 100% Subaru product. Our engineers designed and developed this vehicle based on our philosophy; Therefore, we are confident that you can feel that Solterra delivers eternal Subaruness, i.e. Subaru safety, traditional AWD capability, durability and enhanced BEV performance.”

Subaru Turkey General Manager Halil Karagülle emphasized that they are very excited to be the first Japanese brand to offer 100% electric vehicles for sale in Turkey: “Solterra is a completely new model that was born as an electric vehicle that has not been converted from another model in its product range. The most important point we can emphasize about Solterra is that this vehicle has all the features that make Subaru Subaru. Subaru stands behind the differences it has in a 100% electric vehicle that it offers to its customers and preserves its brand DNA.” Referring to the battery of the new Solterra, Karagülle continued his words as follows: “The Subaru Solterra is an extremely balanced and safe car, just like other Subaru models. The battery of the 100% electric Solterra is positioned under the vehicle and the two electric motors are located at the front and rear, providing the classic balance element unique to Subaru. When we say security, I would like to talk about battery safety. Solterra's battery location and strong frame offer high protection against fire and other potential hazards. The battery is not only safe, but also very long-lasting. Subaru engineers say the battery will maintain 10% of its capacity after 90 years.” Halil Karagülle also stated that the current Subaru customers will find the brand-specific features they are accustomed to in the new model: “We can count the expectations of Subaru customers from a car as primarily safety, off-road capabilities, permanent four-wheel drive, user-friendliness, durability, power and original design. . Our customers are used to having all these features as standard equipment and are very happy with it. In Solterra, all these features are offered as standard from the lowest version.”

Exterior Design

Among the outstanding features of Solterra's exterior design are the closed hexagonal grille unique to electric vehicles, which symbolizes the Subaru brand in the front of the vehicle, the new front hood design combined with the windshield and panoramic roof, and the aerodynamic front bumper air ducts that reduce the wind resistance coefficient. Solterra has a very competitive position compared to its competitors with a wind resistance coefficient of 0,28cD.

In the side section, low center of gravity horizontal axis lines, strong fenders reflecting the AWD image stand out; There is a specially designed new trunk spoiler integrated on the rear lighting group, and a large rear lower diffuser that provides a strong stance. Above the rear window, there is a large two-wing spoiler that reduces the wind resistance coefficient and provides a sporty stance. The rear LED lighting group draws attention to the Subaru identity with its C-shaped structure. With Solterra, Subaru used 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels for the first time.

Interior design

Solterra's spacious cabin provides everyone, especially those in the backseat, with a quiet and spacious interior where they can enjoy a peaceful journey. Thanks to the silent driving advantage unique to electric vehicles, all passengers in the vehicle can be a part of the conversation. Thanks to the long axle distance required for the placement of the high-capacity battery that will provide a long range, a very wide cabin structure is provided, while the comfort of the passengers traveling in the rear seat is increased due to the absence of a shaft tunnel at the rear.

With an overall length of 4,690 m, a width of 1,860 m and a height of 1,650 m, the Solterra is 205 mm longer, 600 mm wider and 35 mm taller than the Subaru XV model. It is 500mm longer, 45mm wider and 80mm lower than the Forester. The wheelbase of the Solterra is 180 mm longer than the Subaru XV and Forester models. The smart gear unit and electronic controls are located on the upper floor of the center console, which consists of two separate layers, with an extremely ergonomic, modern design, while there is a versatile storage area on the lower floor.

Ergonomically designed screens and control panels

Solterra's cockpit layout reflects Subaru's design philosophy of visibility, simplicity and ease of use. It makes all the information needed for safe driving accessible via ergonomically positioned information displays and a high-visibility multi-functional multimedia screen. At the front, the 7-inch digital instrument panel with a new generation modular cockpit design, which is positioned above the steering wheel, allows the driver to drive without taking his eyes off the road, bringing driving pleasure and safety to the next level. The LCD screen with anti-glare, anti-glare and light control sensors, which does not need a viewfinder, has a fast response time and all necessary information about driving is gathered in a single display. Thanks to its position above the steering wheel and at eye level, it allows the driver to focus on the road.

The high-resolution 12.3-inch multi-functional multimedia screen has been designed to provide comfortable reading with minimal reflection. The screen has been carefully positioned to further enhance the sense of spaciousness in the cabin. The user-friendly 12.3-inch multimedia screen is compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Apple Car Play application can work wirelessly. It also has 2 USB-C ports, 1 USB port for the front passengers, and 2 USB-C ports for the rear passengers. Thanks to the wireless charging unit with 8w charging power in Apple models (I-Phone 7.5 and above) and 5w in new generation Android models, the use of cables for charging is eliminated.

Solterra also has its own navigation system in Turkish. Turkish navigation and voice command system works very successfully. All speakers have been specially developed in Solterra with the Harman/kardon® Audio system. The vehicle has 10 Speakers and a Subwoofer, providing an excellent sound system.


Subaru Solterra's trunk, which has a volume of 441 liters, can be raised by 71 mm thanks to its two-floor floor structure. There is also an additional 10 liter compartment used to store the charging cables under the trunk floor. With the rear seats tilted at a ratio of 60/40, a very large carrying area is obtained. The electric tailgate, which is offered as standard in all versions of Solterra, can be opened up to 64°. The height of the tailgate, which has an opening speed of 4.6 seconds and a closing speed of 3,8 seconds, can be adjusted at the desired level for low-ceilinged parking garages.

Digital Rear View Mirror

A clear and vivid image is obtained by projecting 2 rear view camera images on the rear of Subaru Solterra to the rear view mirror. The horizontal and vertical angles of the cameras can be adjusted digitally. same zamThe digital rear view mirror, which also has an automatic dimming feature at the same time, provides a safe driving opportunity by clearly reflecting the rear image to the driver, especially in cases where the rear luggage curtain is lifted to the ceiling.

Environmentally friendly materials

The materials used inside Solterra's cabin also reflect the brand's environmental sensitivity. High-quality leather seats with vegan materials and a fabric-covered dashboard reflect the sensibility typical of electric vehicles. Solterra's smart gear unit, which is extremely easy to use and has a very stylish design, can be controlled with just a touch and simple movements. the ignition is turned off zamthe system automatically switches to park position. The ergonomically designed controls around the smart gear unit are also very comfortable to use.

Driving and Dynamic Performance

Feeding a car with electrical power opens the door to a whole new world. The new e-Subaru Global Platform, which provides high endurance with the dual motors on Solterra's front and rear axles and the high-capacity compact battery integrated into the chassis of the vehicle, provides successful handling. In addition, Solterra combines greater safety with the efficiency and quietness that only a 100% electric car can offer. Solterra has a much shorter power pedal response compared to gasoline models with its fast acceleration characteristic of electric vehicles. The 0-100 km/h acceleration value of the vehicle is 6.9 seconds.

New e-Subaru Global Platform

Solterra is built on a brand new platform designed specifically for electric cars to maximize the performance of an electric vehicle. The new platform has 200% stronger lateral rigidity and 120% stronger body structure compared to the previous Subaru Global Platform. The high-capacity battery placed under the cabin floor provides an efficient layout that saves space by increasing the cabin volume while lowering the vehicle's center of gravity to improve road holding. Benefiting from the vehicle's low center of gravity, its design provides significantly improved dynamic performance. The efficient placement of the high-capacity battery and effective temperature management provide a long cruising range.

To increase the capacity of the battery, which is resistant to adverse external factors, the layout space is maximized. The battery is placed flat under the floor, resulting in a low center of gravity and an extremely efficient layout. By strengthening the connection between Solterra's battery and the body frame, high torsional and bending stiffness throughout the vehicle and a superior crash safety design have been achieved considering the worst-case scenarios. Thanks to the low center of gravity of the chassis, which is ideal for the BEV characteristics of the vehicle, and its positioning as the center of gravity, excellent road holding is provided.

High Security and Advanced Technology Battery

Solterra was designed to protect the body and battery by calculating the approach, departure and refraction angles. A newly developed high-capacity battery with high energy density is adopted. This provides better cruising range among competitors. A water-cooled temperature regulation system is adopted to ensure a constant battery output even at high powers while keeping the battery system at the ideal temperature. The 71.4 kWh lithium-ion battery provides a range of up to 466 km.

The battery in Subaru Solterra has been developed to continue to offer 10% efficiency 90 years later. Thanks to the structure and charge control of the battery, the deterioration of the battery is prevented and a very long service life is offered. The coil temperature is controlled by a water-based cooling system to ensure efficient performance. While the charging time of the battery is significantly extended at low temperatures, this time is shortened thanks to the battery heating system in Subaru Solterra. In a low-temperature environment, a stable charging rate is achieved by increasing the temperature of the battery cell. Thus, it helped to reduce charging times in low temperature environments.

Power Source: Electric Motors

In Solterra, the front and rear axles are powered by 80 electric motors, one at the front and one at the rear, each with 2 kW of power, delivering instant torque to deliver power and fast response and linear acceleration. Strong acceleration and very good handling are provided thanks to the ability of the engines to produce maximum torque from low speeds with excellent response. Offering a total power of 160 kW (218 PS) and a maximum torque of 338 Nm, the dual engine accelerates in 6.9 seconds. In Solterra, the geometry of the front and rear suspensions, front lower arms and other components has been optimized to eliminate the tendency to skid and understeer at high accelerations typical of electric cars. The double wishbone McPherson type suspension reduces vibration, reducing noise and providing a more comfortable ride.


Extended range and high power output compatible with different chargers in every region of the world increase Solterra's effectiveness. Solterra's maximum DC charging power is 150 kW and AC charging power is 7 kW. There are Type 2 and CCS2 charging ports on the left front fender. Two AC charging cables, Mode 2 and Mode 3, are provided free of charge in Solterra. DC fast charging with a capacity of 150 kW brings the battery to 30% capacity in 802 minutes, while battery heaters provide short charging time and stable power even in cold weather conditions. With AC charging, 100% capacity is reached in 9.5 hours2.

With a battery with a capacity of 71.4 kWh, Solterra's driving range can reach up to 466 km*1. The energy consumption of the vehicle is 16.0 kWh/km.

S Pedal Regeneration Mode

The S Pedal feature provides dynamic acceleration and deceleration control with the power pedal. When the system is activated by pressing the S pedal button, deceleration can be controlled only with the power pedal without pressing the brake pedal. In this way, by pressing the brake pedal less, driving fatigue can be minimized and zammoment is won. This feature can contribute to maintaining and even increasing driving range in heavy traffic, downhill roads or off-road conditions. This feature also extends the life of the brake pad.

Apart from the S Pedal function, the driver can also select 4-level light regeneration stages with the paddles on the steering wheel, without taking his hands off the steering wheel. Driving features in Solterra can be customized according to the wishes of the user. When the Power mode is selected, the driver's power and acceleration pleasure, which are typical of electric cars, increase. Eco mode provides less power consumption and economical range usage.

X mode

Subaru AWD technology and experience is preserved in a 100% electric car. Thanks to the functions of the dual engines located at the front and rear, the power and brake distribution is ensured to work continuously and optimally while maintaining the grip of each wheel. The system, which is designed to offer the highest efficiency depending on the road conditions, also provides balanced traction on wet or slippery surfaces. X-Mode enables Solterra to continue on its way even in the toughest road conditions, including deep snow or mud, so that it can deliver superior driving performance on rough roads.

The dual-function X-Mode feature controls the power and torque produced by the electric motors placed on the front and rear axles at speeds up to 20 km/h, and it decides how much power it will give to which wheel in off-road conditions. This feature also supports hill descent and take-off assist feature. The Grip Control feature, newly added to X-Mode in Solterra, maintains a constant speed when going up and down slopes on rough terrain and allows the driver to concentrate only on steering. Thanks to the grip control feature, the speed of which can be adjusted at 5 different levels, the driver's driving dominance is increased by maintaining a constant speed while driving on uneven surfaces.


For over 50 years, Subaru has gone the extra mile by continually testing advanced safety systems. Solterra has the e-Subaru Global Platform, the most robust Subaru platform ever, specially designed to protect the battery as well as a complete safety suite of innovative anti-collision and accident avoidance systems such as Subaru Safety Sense. Subaru is getting closer and closer to its goal of “zero accidents” thanks to its all-round safety.

The Subaru Safety Sense system in Solterra uses a wide-angle, high-resolution sensor mono camera and radar. All preventive safety equipment is offered as standard in Solterra, which has new functions such as panoramic surround view camera, emergency driving stop system, safe exit warning.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Thanks to the adaptive cruise control system, which works by using the mono camera located on the rear view mirror and the radar system located above the logo in front of the vehicle, 4-stage following distance and cruise speed can be adjusted between 30-160 km/h. When the vehicle starts cornering with the adaptive cruise control and lane centering function activated, the system detects this and reduces its speed. When the system is active at speeds above 90 km/h, it also measures the speed of the vehicle in the left lane and reduces your speed.

Blind Spot Warning and Reverse Traffic Alert System

If the radars on the rear bumpers of the car detect a vehicle or a moving object within 60 meters, the driver is informed with the LED warning lights on the side mirrors, thus minimizing the risk of accident. The system also minimizes the risk of accident by warning the driver audible and visual if it detects a moving object before the rear camera or parking sensors while reversing in the parking area.

Lane Departure Warning / Lane Keeping Assist / Lane Centering Function

Lane violation warning; In the event of a lane violation while cruising above 50 km/h, it warns the driver both audibly and by vibrating the steering wheel. Lane keeping assistant; After the lane violation warning is activated, the system intervenes with the steering wheel to keep the vehicle in the lane. The lane average function; Working together with adaptive cruise control, it detects the vehicle and lanes in front, intervenes the steering wheel and helps the vehicle to average the lane. The system also detects asphalt and other surfaces besides lanes. In cases where it is not possible to detect lanes, the cruise position is adjusted according to the vehicle being followed in adaptive cruise control mode.

Emergency Driving Stop System

The driver tracking system, which uses the face recognition camera located on the steering wheel, plays an extremely important role in ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers, especially in situations such as drowsiness, eye closure and fainting. Working together with the driver tracking system, the system gives an audible warning to the outside of the vehicle, slows the vehicle down, turns on the hazard warning flashers and stops the vehicle in its current lane, if the driver does not take action for a while while the lane keeping assistant is active and an abnormality is detected in the driver.

Park Assist Brake

When parking below 15km/h, if obstacles between 2 and 4 meters in front and behind the vehicle are detected and the risk of collision is detected, the parking assist brake system warns the driver audibly and automatically applies the strong brake to avoid a collision.

Safe Exit Alert

When the vehicle is parked, the radars at the rear detect vehicles or cyclists approaching from the rear, and the warning light on the side mirrors warns the passengers against possible collisions. If the door is opened despite the warning, an audible warning is also made in addition to the visual warning, trying to prevent a possible accident.

Panoramic Surround Camera

Thanks to the panoramic surround view camera working in conjunction with the parking assist brake, images from the cameras around the vehicle are combined and displayed on a 12,3-inch multimedia screen, providing visual support while driving at low speeds (up to 12km/h). The system with smart memory remembers the ground it has passed before and when the vehicle comes back on that ground, it shows the ground on the screen again.

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