SKODA's New Racer FABIA RS Rally2 Introduced

SKODA's New Racer FABIA RS Rally Introduced
SKODA's New Racer FABIA RS Rally2 Introduced

ŠKODA showed the new generation of the most successful rally car in its category. The new vehicle, built on the fourth generation FABIA, was named FABIA RS Rally2 using the legendary RS name.

FABIA RS Rally2, which also refers to the sporty road cars of SKODA, zamIt is also inspired by the ŠKODA 130 RS, which is now a historic model. The new car follows in the footsteps of the FABIA Rally1700 evo, which has won a total of over 2 wins and six world championships, including four Rally Monte Carlo. The Mamba Green body paint, preferred by SKODA Motorsport in FABIA RS Rally2, also indicates the brand's connection with its sporty models.

ŠKODA Motorsport had a market share of over 450 percent in the Rally2 category, selling over 30 of the previous generation vehicles to customer teams. FABIA RS Rally2, built on the fourth generation FABIA, has a 1.6-liter turbo petrol engine, a five-speed sequential gearbox and all-wheel drive within the framework of regulations.

SKODA Motorsport engineers, technicians and mechanics participated in the development of the FABIA RS Rally2, along with pilots such as Andreas Mikkelsen, Jan Kopecký, Kris Meeke and Emil Lindholm. Tested in different conditions, the new rally car was put to the test against all the challenges it will face in real races. Within the scope of the test, the extremely difficult dirt roads of Fontjoncouse, one of the fast and flowing asphalts of Spain, were passed from the freezing cold of Finland. Thus, it was ensured that customer teams could fight reliably anywhere in the world and under all conditions.

Great attention was paid to the aerodynamics of the new vehicle. ŠKODA's main goal is to maintain the vehicle's aerodynamic efficiency, while maintaining the vehicle's aerodynamic efficiency. zamwas to produce more downforce at the same time. The aerodynamic performance of the FABIA RS Rally2 has been enhanced, with a completely new rear wing and cleaner airflow over the vehicle. Perfect driving stability was also achieved with the longer wheelbase and larger dimensions.

ŠKODA Motorsport not only performs but also zamHe also put safety first. In the vehicle built on the MQB-A0 platform, safety measures have been increased, especially for side collisions. Six layers of carbon fiber and Kevlar were used to protect the occupants from sharp objects.

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