Mercedes-Benz Turk, Leader in Bus Export

Mercedes Benz Turk is the Leader in Bus Export
Mercedes-Benz is the Leader in Turkish Bus Exports

Mercedes-Benz Türk became the leader in bus exports in May by exporting 17 buses to 239 countries in May.

With the addition of Norway, Slovenia and Croatia in May, the number of countries to which the company exports increased to 2022 in the January-May period of 24.

Mercedes-Benz Türk, which was the best-selling intercity bus brand in Turkey last year, continues to export the buses produced at its Hoşdere Bus Factory without slowing down. Exporting 17 buses to 239 countries in May, Mercedes-Benz Türk became the company that exported the most buses in the first 856 months of 2022, with a total of 5 buses.

Buses exported to Europe in May

Mercedes-Benz Türk has exported the buses it produces to 16 European countries, including Portugal, Poland, Croatia and Italy, as well as to the United States. Portugal, which was the country to which the most buses were exported with 163 units in May, was followed by Poland with 15 units, while 12 buses were exported to Croatia and Italy each.

Exporting buses to 4 different countries in the first 21 months of the year, Mercedes-Benz Türk also exported to Norway, Slovenia and Croatia in May. Along with these countries, the buses produced at Hoşdere Bus Factory were exported to a total of 2022 countries in the January-May period of 24.

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