Home Delivery 50 Citroen Ami Sold in Half an Hour!

Home Delivery Piece Citroen Ami Sold In Half Hour
Home Delivery 50 Citroen Ami Sold in Half an Hour!

The first batch of 2021 vehicles sold out shortly after Citroën launched the 100% electric mobility vehicle Ami, which it has been selling to corporate customers since the end of December 50, for retail sale. 25 minutes after the first batch of vehicles were put on sale online, they were completely sold out, resulting in 1 Citroën Ami sales every 2 minute. Citroën's new urban mobility solution, Ami, hit the roads of Turkey with a price tag of 219.000 TL.

Citroën broke new ground while continuing to introduce innovations with the principle of producing solutions to transportation needs. The brand has carried its tradition from the past to the future by launching the fully electric Ami – 100% ëlectric model for online sale, starting a new era. Citroën Ami, which hit the roads of Turkey with corporate customers in December 2021, met with Citroën customers with a price tag of 219.000 TL via online sales.

“High demand shows that we made the right decision”

Citroën Turkey General Manager Selen Alkım emphasized that Ami offers a completely different experience as it is a suitable solution for users of all ages. The city mobility solution Citroën Ami has been in great demand since day one. Since our launch, we have made 400 corporate sales. On the retail side, the fact that our first batch of vehicles were sold out within 25 minutes via our online sales system is an indication that this model will be much more successful in the future and that we will be able to exceed our targets. We aim for Ami, our 100% electric mobility solution, which we sell through online channels, to achieve a significant success in its first year and reach a total sales of 1000 units.”

Customers buy online, the vehicle is delivered to their home

The 100% electric mobility solution Ami – 100% ëlectric, which has started retail sales, has a completely online sales journey. While customers are part of an online journey, they buy Ami with a click through a system that also integrates dealers on the website. At the end of this whole journey, Ami's purchased online are delivered to the addresses requested by the customers.

75 kilometers of driving on a single charge

Ami -100% ëlectric is a four-wheeled bicycle that can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, offers a clutch-free, smooth and fluid ride, as well as high traction power from the first move thanks to the high torque value produced by the electric motor. Moreover, it allows a completely silent drive with its all-electric powertrain. Ami, which offers free transportation in the city, can reach an electric driving range of up to 75 kilometers with a single charge. This meets the commute needs of most employees. The 5,5 kWh lithium-ion battery is hidden in the vehicle floor and can be easily charged with the cable located in the passenger side door sill. Three hours is enough for a full charge in a 220 Volt standard socket.

3% charge in 100 hours at standard outlet

To charge the Citroen Ami, it is sufficient to plug the integrated cable inside the passenger door into a standard socket (220 V), just like a smartphone or laptop. With the Citroen Ami, which can be charged 3% in just 100 hours, the need for a special charging station comes to an end.

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