What is the EN 340 Quality Standard? Why Are Quality Standards Important?

What Is The Best Quality Standard Why Quality Standards Are Important
EN 340 Quality Standards Why Quality Standards Matter

In order to ensure the necessary safety standards in workplaces, it is very important that work clothes comply with quality standards. En 340, which is among the necessary OHS standards to protect personnel against possible risks, is a standard that must be applied against possible risks in business areas. Providing workwear solutions Yıldırımlargiyim.com.tr Esra İyiiş, Digital Channels Manager, shared important information about the En 340 quality standard.

What does en 340 mean?

Yıldırımlar Giyim Digital Channels Officer Iyiis conveyed the following information:

Ensuring occupational safety and health standards is both a legal obligation and a legal obligation for employers. zamIt is an important responsibility towards the personnel at the moment. Business trousers, overalls and other work clothes are one of the most important points of the OHS process. Here, too, it comes to the fore to prefer dresses that meet the standards for employers. The standards set in Turkey were TS standards. EN is the abbreviation of Europern Norm and stands for European standards. Although these standards are mandatory for EU member states, EN standards are also considered important in our country. En 340 refers to the standards for protective clothing in general. The different standards under En 340 indicate the standards that work clothes should have for different work environments. En 340 is not a stand-alone standard, it is used in conjunction with other standards such as En 343.

How should TS EN 340 work clothes be?

TS EN 340 standard, gardener overalls and other work clothes, refers to the general protective properties. These specifications include requirements for ergonomics, harmlessness, compatibility and marking. For specific needs, work trousers, overalls or t-shirts may have different features. En 340, on the other hand, is both a reference and a must-have standard for all workwear, as it expresses the general workwear standard. When you think of the En 340, the first thing that comes to mind is an outfit that is harmless for your health. In addition, ergonomic and age-resistant clothing with a size display conforms to this standard.

Marking and other requirements

There are also markings that should be on work clothes that have the EN 340 standard. The first of these is the CE mark. In addition, symbols, pictograms and references included in workwear are also important. Under En 340, labels must be readable and visible to all. Important signs related to clothing should be included in the label section.

En 340 also covers wear resistant work clothes. In order not to adversely affect work performance and work safety, it is important that work clothes that meet this standard do not have a negative effect on work performance, as well as the color change of the size change. Above all, a workwear conforming to the TS En 340 standard must be harmless. It is important in the scope of harmlessness that the parts of the clothing that come into contact with the body are not pointed.


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