Castrol Ford Team Turkey Achieves New Achievements in Eskişehir Rally

Castrol Ford Team Achieved New Successes in Turkey Eskisehir Rally
Castrol Ford Team Turkey Achieves New Achievements in Eskişehir Rally

Castrol Ford Team Turkey, which brought Turkey the European championship, maintains its championship claim with its young pilots in the new season, which celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey achieved many successes with its young pilots in the Eskişehir ETİ (ESOK) Rally, the third leg of the Shell Helix Turkey Rally Championship held between 23-25 ​​June.

The European Champion Castrol Ford Team Turkey, who won the rally with 116 special stages with a total length of 8 km on asphalt, won 4 times before. While competing with its young pilots as a full squad, the 4-wheel drive Ford Fiesta R5 and Ali Türkkan and Burak Erdener duo won the Youth category and won the General Classification. won second place.

After the ceremonial start held at Odunpazarı Evleri square on Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 20.30, the Eskişehir ETİ (ESOK) Rally started on Friday, June 24 at 10.00:4 at the Servis Park in Eskişehir Atatürk Stadium with 25 special events. stage was passed and the race ended in Service Park again. Variable weather conditions played a big part in the second day, which started at 10.00:1999 on Saturday, June 2th. Ali Türkkan, born in 2, and experienced co-pilot Burak Erdener, who won the European Rally Cup 'Youth' and 'Two Wheel Drive' Championships for our country last year, of Castrol Ford Team Turkey, took the third place in the General Classification, with rain expectations and the tire in the last loop. Thanks to their strategy, they climbed to the second place in the final stage. Ümitcan Özdemir and his co-pilot Batuhan Memişyazıcı, who have won back-to-back championships with their Fiesta R2T car in the 3-wheel drive class in recent years, placed fifth in the General Classification. Competing with the Ford Fiesta RXNUMXT in the youth class, Can Sarıhan and his co-pilot Sevi Akal increased their experience on asphalt and maintained their XNUMXrd place.

Competition was high in Fiesta Rally Cup

The competition was at a high level with the participation of the new 2017WD Rally4s in the Fiesta Rally Cup, which has been continuing with its new format since 3 and has been specially organized for Ford Fiestas, by Castrol Ford Team Turkey.

Serhan Türkkan-Koray Akgün, who won the Yeşil Bursa Rally in the second race of the season and became the leader of the Fiesta Rally Cup, won the FRC General Classification in the Eskişehir Rally, the 2rd leg of the Shell Helix 2022 Turkey Rally Championship. Türkkan and Akgün duo won the first place in Fiesta Rally3 with their great speed and placed sixth in the General Classification.

While the duo of Efe Ünver and Bahadır Gücenmez won the second place in the FRC General Classification, the duo of Burak Title and Bahadır Özcan placed third with the Fiesta Rally4. Burak Title, who competed for the Turkey Rally Two-Wheel Drive Championship with Ford Fiesta Rally4, zamAt the time, it was at the top of the two-wheel drive Fiestas in the FRC.

The Iranian team Saber Khosravi and its co-driver Hamed Majd, who have been participating in the Fiesta Rally Cup, which is also open to international athletes, since the last race, won the leadership with the Fiesta R1T after placing second in the R1-ST class in the Yeşil Bursa Rally and won their cups on the podium.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey pilots also dominated TOSFED Rally Cup

Same zamAt the same time, Oğuz Gürsel gave points to the TOSFED Rally Cup, and the FRC pilots also dominated the TOSFED Rally Cup. Levent Şapcılar-Deniz Gümüş from Castrol Ford Team Turkey won the first place, while Erdem İlbayli – Soner Cevik placed second. Hakan Gürel-Çağatay Kolaylı from the same team also took the third place.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey was the winner of the Eskişehir ETİ (ESOK) Rally, which was completed with the finishing ceremony and award ceremony in front of ESPARK on Saturday, June 25th at 16.42, while the Ford brand recorded in this race with its performance, durability and deep-rooted history in rally sports. It was listed as the most preferred automobile brand in the list.

We are getting closer to our goal step by step with our results in Eskişehir ETİ (ESOK) Rally

The champion pilot of Castrol Ford Team Turkey, Murat Bostancı, is working closely with the young pilots of the team by coaching the pilots this year. Serdar Bostancı, who has been the team director since the first day of the team, is also at the head of the team.

Transferring his long years of experience in Turkey and Europe to young pilots, Bostancı stated that they completed the third leg of the Turkey Rally, the Eskişehir ETİ (ESOK) Rally, with proud results. In his assessment, Bostancı said: “Castrol Ford Team Turkey, which got younger last year to support the youth in Turkish rally sports and is the youngest rally team in Turkey with an average age of 22, aims to win the 25th championship in its 15th season. With our results in Eskişehir ETİ (ESOK) Rally, we are approaching this goal step by step. Castrol Ford Team Turkey, which raced more than 20 cars at the same time in the Turkish Rally Championship, this year won the 2022 Turkey Rally Brands Championship, 2022 Turkey Rally Championship, 2022 Turkey Co-Pilots Championship, 2022 Turkey Rally Young Drivers Championship and 2022 Turkey Rally Two Wheel Drive. He will compete for the championship. We will continue our struggles together with our young pilots in the upcoming stages.”

2022 Turkey Rally Championship Calendar:

  • 30-31 July Kocaeli Rally (Ground)
  • 17-18 September Istanbul Rally (Ground)
  • 15-16 October Aegean Rally (Asphalt)
  • 12-13 November (To be Announced Later)

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