BMW Opens New Factory in Shenyang

BMW Shenyang New Factory Acti
BMW Opens New Factory in Shenyang

The Lida factory, built by the BMW Group in Shenyang, China, was officially opened yesterday. The project has reached RMB 15 billion (US$ 2,24 billion), making it BMW's largest investment ever in the Chinese market.

BMW noted that the opening of the Lida factory is an important step in accelerating the group's electrification transformation. The new BMW i3, BMW's first pure electric mid-size sports sedan, has started production at the factory in Shenyang.

According to the news in Nihon Keizai Shimbun, BMW will make the new factory a main production base for all-electric vehicles and try to get a share of the Chinese market. However, since Tesla and domestic brands are common, BMW's rivals are not few. To what extent BMW will expand its electric vehicle sales in China is a question mark.

BMW's current production bases in China are located in the city of Shenyang. The name of the Lida factory originates from the village of Lida, where it is located. If the Dadong factory that started production in 2004, the Tiexi factory that started production in 2012, and the car battery factory that started production in 2017, the Lida factory became BMW's fourth factory in China. BMW stated that with the increase in the production capacity of the Lida factory, the production capacity of the Shenyang bases will increase to 830 thousand vehicles per year.

At the online opening ceremony yesterday, BMW Group's China Regional President and CEO, Jochen Goller, stated that the new factory will play an important role in accelerating the electrification transformation in the Chinese market. Jochen Goller stated that the production capacity of the new factory will be used for fully electric vehicles.

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