What Should Be Considered When Collecting Computer Cases?

What to Consider When Collecting Computer Cases

Collecting a computer case is an important point in terms of the working performance of the computer. If the computer case collection process is done correctly and consciously, the product is both more affordable and high performance is provided. In order to get the highest efficiency in the computer case collection process, the person must be knowledgeable about this subject. Points to consider when collecting computer cases gencergaming.comSemih Gençer told

Processor Preference

When it is decided to collect a computer case, the first system to look at should be the processor. This is because specifying other parts to match the processor. Each processor has a motherboard model, and each motherboard model has a processor. Each brand has its own processor generation and socket. The motherboard to be purchased only supports certain models of a processor brand.

  • When buying a processor, it is usually necessary to pay attention to the latest generation and powerful.
  • Some processors do not have a socket fan. This may result in buying an extra fan. Liquid cooling supported fan preference will be beneficial for the processor.
  • The Ghz and Cache values ​​on the processor give detailed information about the power of the processor.

Motherboard preference                           

After the processor is purchased, a high-performance motherboard should be chosen suitable for that processor. Basically, a motherboard is a circuit board made of fiberglass material on which all the hardware units are integrated. Motherboards are physically sold in different sizes such as E-ATX, ATX, mATX, mini ATX. Supporting RAM type or maximum RAM amount of motherboards are determined. For example, 32GB RAM cannot be installed on a motherboard with 64GB RAM support.

  • A motherboard suitable for the structure of the processor should be purchased.
  • It provides detailed information about the chipset motherboard mentioned in the motherboard model name.
  • The choice should be made according to the motherboard structure that the computer case is compatible with.

RAM(Memory) Preference

The amount of RAM to buy is related to the person's budget, preference and the structure of the motherboard. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the RAM information when choosing the motherboard. Motherboards do not support both types of RAM together. The maximum RAM capacity that each motherboard will support is determined. In terms of RAM type, motherboards currently support only one of DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and DDR5 RAMs, and almost 90% of motherboards produced currently support DDR4 RAM.

  • Models with high CL (latency value) or low MHz should not be preferred because RAM is affordable.
  • If the motherboard supports a speed such as 2400 Mhz, it is necessary not to buy a RAM with a speed of 3200 Mhz.

Graphics Card Preference

The selected video card must be compatible with the processor. If it is incompatible, problems such as crashing and freezing may occur. The video card creates the image quality on the computer. For this reason, it is important to choose a quality and suitable video card.

  • In order not to experience incompatibility in the video card preference, a lower power choice should be made in the processor power.
  • If the video card is being bought for games or applications that require high graphics memory, the best one should be chosen considering the budget and processor.

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