The air in your vehicle is 15 times dirtier than the outside

The Air In Your Car Is Many Times More Dirty Than Outside
The air in your vehicle is 15 times dirtier than the outside

Ahmet Özbecetek, General Manager of Hifyber, a subsidiary of Abalıoğlu Holding, made important statements about the filtration safety of cars. Have you ever thought about the air pollutants in the cabin of your car, which offers comfort to your life? The air you breathe in your vehicle while traveling consists of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Pollution inside a car cabin is high because emissions from the environment circulate in the car cabin. Levels of some air pollutants and toxic compounds can be up to ten times higher inside a vehicle than outside air, and overall air quality can be up to fifteen times more polluted.

Air pollution inside the vehicle causes health problems

Air pollution inside the vehicle brings with it some health problems. While driving; If you are experiencing health problems such as headache, nausea or sore throat, the cause may be particles in the vehicle with diameters ranging from 0.1 to 2.5 microns. When these particles are inhaled for a long time, they settle in the lung tissue; It can cause respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, heart diseases and even cancer. Especially in cities with heavy traffic such as Istanbul, breathing the polluted air in the car cabin for a long time directly affects your health.

The average travel time of Istanbulites from home to work is more than 2 hours.

According to the Moovit Global Cities Report, 30 percent of Istanbul residents travel more than 2 hours from home to work every day. So what do you need to do to be able to travel safely during this time?

Hifyber General Manager Ahmet ÖZBECETEK, who said, “Your vehicle contains a mixture of more than 100 chemicals, some of which are toxic,” explained that by using the right filter media in the cabin air filters of the cars, it will be possible to provide clean air circulation and to travel safely:

“For drivers and passengers to travel safely, dust and dirt from the outside air must be trapped by cabin air filters. However, the fiber air filters used in the air filter cabinets of the automobiles today, despite their various advantages, are insufficient in capturing ultra-fine dust particles.

High filtration safety with nanofiber cabin air filter media

As Hifyber, using nanotechnology to solve this problem, we have developed "Nanofiber Cabin Air Filter Media" by providing high performance in cabin air filters, We provide high indoor air quality by trapping more than 90 percent of harmful particles such as viruses, dust and pollen.

With nanofibers, we perform mechanical filtration by improving filter efficiency without a significant increase in filter pressure drop. Thus, with this game-changing nanofiber filter media, we can easily filter particles with a thickness of 0,05 microns, which is less than one-thousandth of the thickness of a human hair. In addition, we quickly destroy the water droplets containing the virus and protect the health of the passengers and drivers in the vehicle," he concluded.

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