Pirelli Tire Range for Electric Vehicles Expands

The Range of Pirelli Tires Produced for Electric Vehicles Expands
Pirelli Tire Range for Electric Vehicles Expands

Pirelli Elect, the technology package developed for electric cars and rechargeable vehicles, expands further with renewal and winter options. After the brand's strong position as original equipment with the aim of adapting all different product families to the electrification trend, the Elect family now continues to grow with the aftermarket. As a result, Elect technology is integrated into all P Zero, Cinturato and Scorpion families, including summer, all-season and winter tyres.

The shift to production focused more and more on road tires has reached an advanced level, especially for the upper segment market, where Pirelli has a large presence thanks to its collaborations with the world's most prestigious automobile manufacturers. When it comes to winter tires for the fairly new but rapidly growing electric car sector, Pirelli Elect covers more than 65% of the premium and prestige market (Pirelli's share of tires for luxury cars exceeds 80%).

Pirelli Elect Tires for the Aftermarket and All Seasons

In addition to supplying original equipment to the latest models that have just come off the production line, the increase in electric cars and their increased use throughout the year necessitate the development of tires for different seasons. Accordingly, Pirelli continues to expand its product range with winter and all-season tire versions across the P Zero, Cinturato and Scorpion families, after introducing the original Elect summer tire to the market. The recently refreshed Scorpion family for SUVs stands out in particular, as it still has the largest number of Elect homologations.

Advantages of Pirelli Elect

Elect marked aftermarket tires; It offers the same benefits as original equipment tires, including lower battery consumption, the management of higher torque from the electric motors and optimal support of the vehicle's weight. Best of all, Elect-marked tires allow drivers to exploit the full potential of their BEV and PHEV vehicles in all possible conditions of use, while replacing original equipment with new tires. zamIt makes it possible for them to have these advantages when the moment comes.

As Homologations Increase, Elect Tires Enter the Aftermarket

Thanks to Pirelli's collaboration with all the world's leading automobile manufacturers, Elect technology can be integrated into original equipment tires and can be recognized by a special marking on the sidewall of the tires. These relationships continue to evolve, as evidenced by the growing demand for tires that meet the specific requirements of electric vehicles. So much so that the number of Elect homologations exceeded 2021 in 250 alone, doubling the total number by 2020. This number highlights that Pirelli is the tire manufacturer with the largest share in approved homologations for electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

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