Ford Trucks' Special Vehicle Center Opened

Ford Trucksin Special Vehicle Center Opened
Ford Trucks' Special Vehicle Center Opened

Ford Trucks, the heavy commercial vehicle brand of Ford Otosan, the pioneering power of the Turkish automotive industry, will respond to the special and personalized vehicle demands of its customers with its Special Vehicle Center at its Eskişehir Plant. In the Special Vehicle Center established in Ford Trucks' Eskişehir Factory, the demands of heavy vehicle users will be met very quickly, flexibly and with the highest quality, while vehicles with personal options can be designed and produced for the customer.

Acting with the vision of creating value with the most efficient transportation solutions, Ford Trucks defines its purpose of existence as “Being a companion who cares about its customers and improves their business” with its customer satisfaction-oriented approach. And at the Special Vehicle Center, which is one of the most important steps it has taken in this direction, the vehicles leaving the line will be customized in accordance with the needs of the customers in the business area. In this center, not only hardware but also software applications can be customized, while vehicles can be equipped with special technologies such as new smart applications and software in line with demand.

Realizing that the fast and urgent demands of customers and dealers require a more flexible structure other than conventional methods and traditional mass production, Ford Trucks developed the Special Vehicle Center with a plan consisting of 2 phases.

In the first phase, which will start with the modifications made in line with customer demands, in the special vehicle center instead of the production lines, Ford Trucks will first set off by gaining the ability to modify the vehicles in stock according to customer demands.
In the second phase, with the further development of technological competencies, especially the production of vehicles suitable for superstructure applications, we will be able to produce the vehicles that the customer dreams and need, such as new niche products, personalized luxury package demands, vehicle wraps, and thus, the ability to rapidly transform the vehicles in stock. aims to improve vehicle delivery times for certain orders.

Thus, with the Special Vehicle Center, it will be able to produce solutions suitable for different superstructure demands, while being able to deliver rapid revisions that are not in the standard design as ex-factory.

While Ford Trucks manufactures the vehicles of the future with zero emissions in its factory, it will strengthen its competitive advantage in the EU and Turkish markets by meeting the difficult demands of the global market with the power brought by the Special Vehicle Center.

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