Transformation of TOTAL Stations to TotalEnergies Began

TotalEnergiese Transformation of TOTAL Stations Started
Transformation of TOTAL Stations to TotalEnergies Began

The transformation of TOTAL Stations to TotalEnergies all over the world started in Turkey as well. With this transformation, stations will now offer inclusive and multi-layered services that take into account the needs of the age, including sustainable energy sources and electrical energy, in addition to fuel oil.

Başakşehir Mehmetçik Fuel Station No. 2, the first new generation station converted to TotalEnergies in Turkey, will be operated by the Turkish Armed Forces Mehmetçik Foundation.

The TOTAL Stations brand of Güzel Enerji, serving under the OYAK Group of Companies, is transforming into TotalEnergies, in parallel with its global activities, where we will see the new generation stations and services with OYAK's breakthrough and investment decision in the energy sector. The first new generation station converted to TotalEnergies in Turkey is located in Istanbul Başakşehir.

We see the first example of the LEED Platinum Certificate, the environmentally friendly rating system preferred in 165 countries around the world, at fuel stations in Turkey, at TotalEnergies Başakşehir Mehmetçik Fuel Station No. At the station, which meets international environmental standards, the use of solar energy stands out as a renewable energy investment. In addition, the station has a steam recycling system, waste water reuse, rainwater blending and a circular life model with LCA methodology. The facility, which houses the Otojet EV charging station, will also serve new generation electric vehicles. It will reliably offer a wide variety of products and services to its guests by focusing on energy transformation, while also providing an innovative and user-friendly market experience.

The result of a carefully planned vision, every step of which

OYAK Energy Sector Group President Yüksel Yılmaz said, “Total Stations and M Oil brands joined OYAK Group Companies at the beginning of 2020. Right after that, we merged our two brands under the name of Güzel Enerji by focusing on savings, efficiency, profitability and rapid growth. Today, the TOTAL and M Oil dealer network has reached 74 cities from 79 cities in Turkey, and by the end of 2021, from 889 stations with both our brands, to a total of 917 stations. In the summer of 2021, approximately 196 thousand cubic meters of fuel and LPG sales at our stations, zamreached the largest amount of sales, and the highest sales figures compared to previous years were reached in terms of sales to other distribution companies. We have made a difference in this field in the last 1,5 years and we continue. One of the best examples of this is that our TOTAL Istanbul Airport Station was selected as the best TOTAL Station in Europe in terms of service, quality and scale.

We came here with firm steps and a carefully planned vision. As Güzel Enerji, we are achieving a great transformation and success in line with the sustainable growth strategy that our OYAK General Manager Mr. Süleyman Savaş Erdem put before us. Başakşehir Mehmetçik Fuel Station No. 2 will be the starting point for TotalEnergies. I wish the best for our Başakşehir Mehmetçik Fuel Station No. 2, which is the joint first station of both TAF Mehmetçik Foundation and TotalEnergies, and thank everyone who contributed.” he said.

Represents the new face of energy

Stating that the social and economic behavioral changes that started with digitalization and became permanent with the pandemic, reshape people's relations with energy, Güzel Enerji Fuel Oil General Manager Tolga Işıltan said, “TOTAL Stations are going through a significant transformation this year. The energy industry is building a new system based on digitalisation, renewable energy and low-carbon circular economy models to manage dwindling resources and rapidly increasing demand. Güzel Enerji brings together the deep-rooted experience of OYAK and the global power of TotalEnergies, with the goal of leading this transformation. With the transformation of TOTAL Stations into TotalEnergies, our station represents the new face of energy aimed at a clean future. Our goal is to make all our guests feel at home with the experiences we offer at our new generation TotalEnergies stations. We will continue to bring firsts to the fuel sector. With TotalEnergies, next generation energy will come better.” said.

It hosts firsts for Mehmetçik Foundation and the sector

Mehmetçik Foundation General Manager E. Brigadier General Engin Durak said that the Mehmetçik Foundation contributed to the strengthening of social peace and national unity in our country and celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, and said, “Basakşehir Mehmetçik Fuel Station No. 2 embodies firsts for our foundation and the fuel industry. We are proud of our station, which has been meticulously planned at every stage of the establishment process and great care has been taken in every detail of its construction. We are very happy to realize the TotalEnergies cooperation, which has a very high moral aspect and is just as valuable. I wish this new generation station to be beneficial and auspicious for both our foundation and our nation.” he said.

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