What is Gelatin Sachet?

What is Gelatin Bag

Also known as packaging gelatin gelatin sachetIt is a packaging product that is generally used for packaging in nylon gelatin varieties. Gelatin bag types, which are produced in various formats with strip tape, adhesive and lock, have been used more and more in recent years.

Gelatin bag types, which are used for the best and durable packaging of any product, packaging and storage in the best conditions, are produced in different sizes and in different types.

Produced in many sizes as horizontal gelatin bags and vertical gelatin bags, gelatin bags are used as an ideal packaging product for carrying documents, packaging products and protecting any object safely.

Gelatin Bag Features

The features of gelatin bags produced in various types and sizes from polypropylene raw material are as follows;

  • Banded and unbanded gelatin bags are produced as transparent
  • All types can be produced in desired dimensions and dimensions.
  • Since it is transparent, it allows the product stored inside to be seen from both sides.
  • Gelatin bag types are produced by weight or in rolls and offered for sale.

Tape bags, that is, self-adhesive bags, are more practical for sticking and zamIt is preferred in terms of saving time. If companies request, advertising and promotional printing such as logo, contact information, address information can be made on gelatin bags. It is a preferred product in terms of protecting and showing the visibility of the product placed in the gelatin bag.

Types of Gelatin Bags

Gelatin bags or nylon gelatin varieties are the most important packaging and packaging products that are intensely preferred in many sectors today.

The types of gelatin bag products used as safer and more protected are listed as follows;

  • Types of banded gelatin bags
  • Types of ziplock gelatin bags
  • Types of adhesive gelatin bags

This product, known as gelatin in daily life, is an extremely useful product used to store and package any desired product and produced in various types listed above. It is a packaging product that is generally produced in the form of bags and protects the products or documents inside from all kinds of external factors.

The quality of the bag you will buy is as important as the types of gelatin bags in question. The quality of the bags must be taken into account in order to protect the product stored inside from all kinds of external factors in the best way and to prevent damage.

In addition, there are packaging gelatins produced in all sizes, horizontally and vertically, in order to choose the gelatin bag to be used to store the product according to the size of the product.

Self Adhesive Gelatin Bag

Adhesive gelatin bags, which have a self-adhesive area and can be glued after placing the product to be stored inside, are also produced in many sizes, both horizontally and vertically.

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Depending on the dimensions preferred in its production, a protective adhesive strip is placed on the side of the gelatin bag and after the desired material is put into the gelatin, the gelatin tape is removed and the bag is closed.

These self-adhesive adhesive gelatin bags provide ease of use and zamIt ensures that the products stored in it are safer.

The self-adhesive gelatin bag with its adhesive feature provides an ideal use for putting documents, magazines and documents inside. To send gelatin, you can add these ingredients, put them on, and simply tape and paste. For this, there is no need for another bag or a protective material.

Banded Gelatin Bag

It is preferred and frequently used for many reasons other than the gelatin bags produced with ziplock. banded gelatin bagThanks to its adhesive strip, it allows to be adhered. Types of banded gelatin bags produced in various sizes are preferred according to the size of the product to be placed in it. You can find banded gelatin bags in various sizes, which provide the storage of written objects such as documents, magazines, documents to be put inside, and protection from many external factors, including water.

Today, the types of bags with tapes that can be easily adhered to prevent damage to the object placed inside;

  • Taped bags of 28 × 42 mm
  • Taped gelatin bags of 30 × 45 mm
  • Types of belted bags with dimensions of 32 × 45 mm
  • Types of belted bags with dimensions of 35 × 45 mm
  • Types of belted bags with dimensions of 40 × 50 mm
  • Types of belted bags with dimensions of 40 × 60 mm

It is produced in a standard way with such sizes and types and offered to the benefit of the users.

Tapeless Gelatin Bag

Tapeless gelatin bags, as well as the banded and adhesive gelatin bags, which are frequently used in the market, are a frequently used and preferred type of bag. Today, it provides great convenience in the storage, packaging and transportation of many products such as spices, textile products, food products and nuts in the market. The said gelatin bags do not have a banded strip on them, but these bags are also suitable for sticking with special sealing machines.

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For the production of these gelatin bags, whose raw material is plastic, a very good mixture must be made and the production must be done with care. The film, which is created with a mixture of special materials, is carefully processed with another plastic machine and turned into a roll.

Also known as nylon bags or gelatin for packaging, these very useful gelatin bags are a preferred product and are used for storage and packaging.

Where to Buy Gelatin Bags?

Today, it is possible to buy gelatin bags, which are used by many people in many sectors, in wholesale and retail. The prices of the said gelatin bags vary according to the order quantity and order types.

However, before ordering gelatin bags, you should be sure of the quality and usefulness of the product. The quality of the raw material used in the production of gelatinous bags, the model of the product, its usefulness and texture are very important in terms of quality.

It is also necessary to check whether the cheap products available in the market, which are sold at prices far below the normal, are of good quality. For the most suitable and highest quality gelatin bag types, you should choose the products produced with the right material quality from the right addresses.

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