Mercedes EQA: Compact and Electric

Mercedes EQA Compact and Electric
Mercedes EQA Compact and Electric

The exciting new member of the all-electric Mercedes-EQ family, EQA, is in Turkey as of May 2022. EQA, which carries the innovative spirit of the brand, offers support to the driver in different areas thanks to its many features from predictive working strategy to smart assistants.

The EQA carries all the features of the closely related GLA with an efficient electric powertrain. EQA plays a key role in the path to the Mercedes-EQ brand's leadership goal in areas such as electric powertrains and vehicle software.

The new entry-level EQA of the all-electric Mercedes-EQ world will start to be sold in the Turkish market as of May 2022. The electric design aesthetic in the car reflects the progressive approach of the Mercedes-EQ brand. EQA supports its driver in many areas: smart assistants such as accident avoidance, predictive and efficient working strategy, electrical intelligence and navigation. Different Mercedes-Benz functions are also offered, such as ENERGIZING Comfort and MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience).

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EQA, a member of Mercedes-Benz's successful compact car family, offers all the exciting features of the series with an efficient electric powertrain system thanks to its close bond with the GLA. The new EQA is manufactured in Rastatt, Germany, and Beijing, China, while the battery systems are supplied by Mercedes-Benz's subsidiary, Accumotive. The battery factory in Jawor, Poland, is also preparing to produce battery systems for compact Mercedes-EQ models. The EQA is also invaluable in Mercedes-EQ's leadership ambition in the areas of electric powertrains and vehicle software. The car provides important clues to understand how Mercedes-Benz interprets e-transportation according to customer needs.

An all-wheel drive EQA model with 292 HP is offered in Turkey. The EQA 350 4MATIC has a range of 422 kilometers according to WLTP. The double-layer lithium-ion battery, which is located on the floor of the vehicle body and also plays a structural role, has an energy content of 66,5 kWh. To meet the brand-specific noise and vibration comfort, measures has been implemented that isolates the electric powertrain from the chassis and body.

With the EQA, which stands out with two important features such as progressive design and intuitive handling, an all-electric Mercedes with an advanced range that meets the daily use requirements in the compact segment is offered. In the New EQA, which is an important vehicle on the road to electrification for all vehicle segments of the brand, intelligent support functions such as electric intelligence and navigation are integrated into MBUX, which transforms vehicles into mobile assistants. In addition, the EQA demonstrates how a high-tech and sustainable electric powertrain blends with Mercedes-Benz's core safety value.

The electric aesthetic of design supports 'Progressive Luxury'

The EQA has a black panel radiator grille with a central star, typical of Mercedes-EQ. The continuous light strip at the front and rear is another distinguishing element of the all-electric world of Mercedes-EQ vehicles, the "Progressive Luxury" design feature. A horizontal fiber optic strip connects the daytime running lights of the full-LED headlights, creating a distinctive look that is immediately distinguishable both day and night. The blue accents inside the carefully shaped headlights reinforce the Mercedes-EQ's signature. The LED taillights merge seamlessly with the tapered LED light strip. Thus, the perception of width in the rear view of the EQA is strengthened. The license plate is integrated into the bumper. Depending on version, up to 20-inch bi- or tri-colour light-alloy wheels with decorative trims in "Rosegold" or blue are available.

The electric character of the interior of the EQA, depending on the design and equipment version; It is accentuated by a new backlit trim and “Rosegold” embellishments on the air vents, seats and vehicle key.

The high and upright seating position typical of the SUV not only increases the comfort on and off, but also improves the viewing angles. During the development phase, attention was paid to functionality. For example, the rear seat backrest folds in a 40:20:40 ratio.

From aerodynamics to navigation with electrical intelligence, efficiency is key

The EQA reaches a very good Cd of 0,28. Front area A is 2,47 m2 in total. The most important aerodynamic features are the completely closed cool air control system in the upper section, aerodynamically efficient front and rear spoilers, an almost completely closed underbody, specially optimized aero wheels and specially adapted front and rear wheel spoilers.

The standard heat pump forms part of the advanced thermal management system. Numerous innovative solutions increase efficiency and therefore range, including reusing the heat generated by the electric powertrain. It is also possible to adjust the climate control of the EQA before getting into the vehicle. This function is managed directly through the MBUX infotainment system.

The electric intelligence and navigation offered as standard support the daily use of the EQA. The system performs continuous range simulations and calculates the fastest route to the target, taking into account many factors such as the topography as well as the required charging stations. It also dynamically adapts to changes in personal driving style.

Superior collision safety with intelligent driving assistance systems

Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Brake Assist are standard. Active Brake Assist aims to prevent a collision or mitigate its consequences through autonomous braking. The system can also brake for vehicles stopping at city speeds and pedestrians crossing the street. Driving Support Package; It includes functions such as turning maneuver, emergency corridor, exit warning that warns the driver of approaching cyclists or vehicles, and warning when pedestrians are detected near pedestrian crossings.

The EQA is a real Mercedes, also in terms of passive safety. Building on the solid body structure of the GLA, the EQA's body is adapted to the specific requirements of an electric car. The battery is placed on the chassis floor in a special body of its own and also takes on the structural support function provided by crossmembers to date. The battery protector on the front of the battery prevents the energy storage unit from being pierced by foreign objects. Of course, the EQA also satisfies the brand's extensive crash testing program. The battery and all current-carrying components meet extremely stringent requirements.

Advanced equipment level; Instruments with Mercedes-EQ-exclusive content

The MBUX infotainment system (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) comes as standard. MBUX can be configured individually with different options. The system stands out with advantages such as a powerful computer, bright screens and graphics, customizable presentation, full color head-up display (option), navigation with augmented reality and learner software, and a voice command system activated with the keyword "Hey Mercedes".

The Mercedes-EQ menu on the infotainment screen can be used to access content related to charging options, electricity consumption and energy flow. The right display in the instrument cluster is a "watt meter", not a tachometer. The upper part shows the power percentage and the lower part the recovery level. The indicator on the left can be used to show whether the target can be reached without a charging break. Colors change according to driving conditions. For example, during an acceleration, the screen turns white. Depending on the mood or to adapt to a certain interior, the user is offered four different options. The Progressive version also features a special Mercedes-EQ color theme.

EQA; LED High-Performance headlights with Adaptive High Beam Assist, EASY-PACK tailgate with electric opening and closing feature, 19-inch light alloy wheels, 64-color ambient lighting, double cup holders, luxury seats with four-way adjustable lumbar support, more comfort and more comfort when manoeuvring. It comes with advanced standard equipment, including a good-looking reversing camera and a multifunctional leather sports steering wheel. Apart from the AMG Line design and equipment series, the new model can also be customized with the Night Package.

Quick and easy tow hitch

A drawbar coupling with ESP® trailer stabilization is available as an option for the EQA. The electric unlocking system provides ease of use. The unlock button and indicator lamp are located inside the tailgate. The tow bar can be swiveled out for use or swiveled into the bumper when not in use. The trailer towing capacity of the EQA 350 4MATIC is 750 kilograms with or without brakes. The vertical carrying capacity of the drawbar is 80 kilograms. The tow bar can be used with a bike carrier.

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