ERP Software Approaches

ERP Software Approaches
ERP Software Approaches

Although ERP software is software that touches people and reflects the company culture, it is software that has a place in the process or shapes the process. The occurrence of different results in the success rates of ERP projects depends on the fact that there are many variables. Let's take a look at these variables.

  • Choosing the right program according to the company's needs and budget
  • Competence levels of company employees and business partner
  • The approach of the senior management of the company and the clarity of what is required
  • Choosing the right project team and the right business partner within the company
  • The extent to which company employees change their habits
  • Company management's belief in and support for change

These issues can be the reasons for both the success and failure of the ERP system. Let's explain more clearly why unsuccessful projects are not successful.

  • Inability to trust the data produced
  • Projects over budget
  • Inability to get used to the program due to the difficulty of using the project
  • Failure to ensure compliance of company processes with the program
  • Company managements and owners who think that the fees paid for the ERP system cannot be compensated
  • Failure of departments to synchronize with the ERP system

From the beginning, it is inevitable that the topics discussed in the sales process of the ERP software system do not match with the realities of the company and the software used.

The problem in this situation is that the needs and results of the company cannot be determined well as well as trying to adapt the incorrect process to the system. While creating ERP systems, it is important to be able to design a simple but real need from the beginning. In this, it is necessary to think a lot, spend a lot of time, and even more empathy. But in general, spending little time on design, doing a difficult development or work, spending time on it, changing program standards are seen as a misconception as the satisfaction of doing good work and being successful. In fact, it is a much more possible and realistic approach for a system that is simple, step-by-step, to understand the needs arising from the realistic goals to be achieved and to be successful in a system that offers the right results.

Answers should be created according to different variables such as whether ERP software will go into a normal flow in the future, whether the project understanding will become a product that will be used in a short time, whether the structure of the work is suitable for this. The fact that cloud technologies are changing the project understanding today indicates that it will bring different questions and needs in the near future. In order to be prepared for these questions, basic ERP processes must now be established. Today, ERP software has become a necessity rather than a luxury for businesses that want to grow and develop and try to keep up with the changing world. In the world of technology, where there are different developments in many fields almost every day with ERP software, the change in business models accordingly, the standardization and systematization of sectoral processes will ensure that enterprises work with the right processes and methods, and will ensure maximum efficiency with resource management.

In Zinger Stick Software, canias4.0 is a fully integrated and adaptable ERP system for businesses of any size. The Enterprise Resource Planning system can be utilized in both conventional and customized forms, depending on the needs of the firm. ERP software allows businesses to streamline their business processes and safeguard their competitive structures thanks to its open-source software development framework, which provides for unlimited flexibility.

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