Services Guide for Those Who Want to Participate in Fairs in America

Services Guide for Those Who Want to Participate in Fairs in America

A large number of fairs are held annually in the United States, and these fairs are important not only for companies in the United States, but also for many companies around the world. Many companies from our country go there and promote their products. This is of great importance to them because they have a chance to increase the value of their brand. The investments they will receive from here are also worthwhile.

However, attending the fair in the USA is not an easy process. For this reason, these procedures should be performed by a specialist company and presented to companies that want to participate in the fair. People who want to participate in the fairs in America on behalf of their brand can buy the most. types of services Wondering. In this article, we will talk about these services.

First of all, it is necessary to mention from which fair companies services can be obtained;

  • Exhibition stand design
  • Fair stand construction
  • Stand modeling and graphic works
  • Exhibition equipment rental
  • Supply of fair hostesses
  • Exhibition materials storage and transportation
  • Led screen rental

All the services listed here can be taken by all companies that want to participate in fairs in the USA. Companies can also handle such services on their own, but this can be quite costly and zaman zamcan cause trouble. For this reason, it is recommended to make an agreement with a fair company that is expert in its field and to provide these services.

Fair Stand Design


Fair stand design is an issue that everyone cares about. This is because if anyone is going to come to your booth, there must be a reason. If your stand is an eye-catching stand, more people will come to your stand and want to learn about your products. For this reason, a well-designed fair stand design is an issue that is given importance by everyone. Attending fairs in America Companies that want them can easily get these services.

Fair Stand Construction

Apart from the fair stand design, the construction of stands is also of great importance. For this reason, it is recommended that these services be provided by a quality company. Otherwise, the stand may collapse and not be as desired.

Stand Modeling and Graphic Studies

Companies may want to see the stands of their own brands before the truth emerges. In the same way that home owners see their houses from models before they are built, brand owners can also look at model stands and decide which stand will be better for their brands. This is important for the company because it has the opportunity to see how the stand will look in real life and to make its plans accordingly.

Exhibition Equipment Rental


The stand in the fair can be qualified as the main equipment in the fair for a brand. However, there are some must-have pieces other than the stand. These are known as trade show equipment and are something that is overlooked by most brand owners. However, while promoting the brand during the fair, such fair equipment will also be of great benefit. Therefore, such equipment needs to be taken care of. Such equipment is generally obtained through rental. You can easily see your business at the fairs by renting these equipments from a quality fair equipment company.

Fair Hostesses Supply

It is also very important to provide a fair hostess for a fair to be held in America. First of all, it is necessary to explain what fair hostess means. The fair hostess will stand in front of the stand during the fair and the guests who come to the stand will be the people who will give various information, make introductions and answer their questions.

Of course, it would not be the right move to go after putting the stand in the fair, it is of great importance to have hostesses who will introduce the brand in the best way. In this sense, the supply of expert fair hostesses is another process that needs attention at fairs. It is possible to obtain fair hostess for fairs to be held in America from quality fair companies. There are many quality companies that provide this service in our country. It is possible to obtain a fair hostess with the features you want from these companies.

Exhibition Materials Storage and Transport

The majority of the fair materials are quite large and they are the goods that cause great problems during transportation from one place to another. For this reason, it is among the items that need attention and that everyone should pay great attention to when moving. Damage to these items can lead to great financial losses.

In this sense, a quality fair company should be agreed with and the processes of transporting the exhibition materials should be left to this company. Otherwise, the exhibition materials may be damaged and there may be problems in terms of storage. For this reason, it is preferred by most companies to leave this kind of exhibition material storage and transportation works to expert exhibition companies.

Led Screen Rental

Another service that will attract people's attention during a fair is, of course, LED screen rental services. Led screens are very important things in attracting people's attention. Most brands are now doing their job by renting such modern led screens instead of classical lighting. Led screens can give information about your brand by taking place in front of your stand.

LED screens, which can be used for various functions, are generally used by renting. The reason for this is that the prices of such led screens are quite expensive in our country yet. However, brands attach importance to using led screens and they generally give these led screen rental jobs to expert fair companies that have proven themselves. For this reason, both cheap and high quality led screens are used.

All these services have offices in Turkey and Las Vegas USA. One Stop Expo You can get it from the company. One Stop Expo has served many domestic and foreign corporate companies for the fairs in America and still does.

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