2022 Promotional Waterproof Bag Guide

Promotional Waterproof Bag Guide
2022 Promotional Waterproof Bag Guide

Waterproof bags are indispensable items for people who work outdoors, do nature sports, and need to be in areas such as the sea, lake and stream. In terms of being prepared for suddenly changing weather conditions, your waterproof bags use is important. In order to meet the user demands for these needs, water-proof and even repellent bags, also known as impertex bags, are produced.

Waterproof bags are often included in the promotional products that companies offer to their target audiences, which increase their recognition and make them remembered. These products are a good option, especially for companies that sell sports equipment.

Purchasing high quality bags that protect goods from water and other adverse natural conditions at wholesale prices and printing brands, logos, texts and other signs that represent the companies on them, as necessary, will increase sales and contribute to the prestige of the company.

Waterproof Bag Fabrics

The fabrics of waterproof bags have a structure that does not absorb the water that touches the surface, but pushes it in terms of texture. These fabrics are called impertex fabrics. Imperteks fabrics, which are used in a very common area, are used in the manufacture of products such as advertising promotional products, shoes, flooring surfaces and accessories. In addition to all these, waterproof bags are also indispensable.

The most important features of Imperteks fabrics are:

  • It has a structure that does not absorb water, but rather repels it.
  • It does not wear easily, it is durable and strong enough to be used for many years.
  • It has bright and vibrant colors.
  • It is suitable for permanent and high quality printing on it.
  • It has a stylish and aesthetic appearance.

In promotional bags Frequently used prints can be easily made on waterproof fabrics. For this reason, waterproof bags are the leading products among the products frequently preferred by companies.

Promotional Waterproof Bag Guide

How Are Waterproof Bags Made?

All of the fabric and accessories of waterproof bags must have properties that will not absorb water. For this reason, all parts must be water resistant when choosing the material for bag making. If a bag is to be made at home, a waterproof fabric can be purchased, as well as recyclable options such as using the fabric of a broken umbrella.

After determining the purpose for which the bag will be used, the stage of determining and designing the model begins. In these bags, where heavy loads are usually carried while designing, solutions should be provided to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed over the body. For example, a cross-strapped shoulder bag or backpack models can be preferred. If it will be used in activities such as camping or mountaineering, a large backpack will be the most useful choice.

The threads to be used in sewing the bag should also be strong. The durability of a bag to be used in activities that are away from home for a long time in bad weather conditions is very important. It should also be ensured that the seams do not pierce the fabric too much, making it water permeable.

Depending on the purpose of use, it may be necessary and beneficial for the bag to have more than one compartment and compartment. Easily accessible small and zippered sections for items such as water bottles, wallets, and mobile phones will make life easier. Zippers and similar apparatuses to be used in these sections should also be water resistant.

Types of Waterproof Bags

Waterproof bags can be produced in all sizes and models. Selections are made among the varieties suitable for the area and purpose to be used.

It can be said that the most sought-after waterproof bag models are backpacks. Activities in nature can start in sunny weather and continue in rainy or snowy weather. Sometimes it may be necessary to cross a stream or dive into the sea or lake.

Items that need to be kept away from water, such as mobile phones, spare clothes, wallets, money, cosmetics and all kinds of imaginable materials are protected in these bags. Therefore, it is beneficial for the bag to be large, useful and functional. Backpacks will give the desired in this respect and will provide the necessary comfort.

Waterproof bag covers can also be one of the options for the need. If a bag not produced with impertex fabric needs to be used in an environment where adverse weather conditions may be encountered, it is possible to use it by placing it in one of these covers.

Waterproof Promotional Bag Manufacturing

In our country, there are many companies that produce waterproof bags and similar products. The manufacturing workshops of companies that have proven their product and service quality are capable of producing all kinds of bag models.

Companies that want to gift waterproof bags to their customers and potential customers can contact the manufacturers to inform them of the models they request and get a price offer. The product can be requested in wholesale. In this case, the desired number should be specified and production should be started accordingly. If the desired number and model of the product is in stock, delivery can be made quickly.

The desired pictures, texts, shapes and signs can also be printed on these products, which are suitable for color printing. Images to be printed can be prepared and presented, or a design can be requested from the manufacturer.

Promotional Waterproof Bag Prices

There is a wide range of prices for waterproof bags. Brands and models of bags are among the determining factors of their prices. Waterproof bags to be purchased from manufacturers can be purchased at wholesale prices. In such cases, there is no doubt that the prices will be more affordable.

It may be requested to enrich the bags produced from the manufacturers with additional accessories and features. These will cause prices to rise. In addition, the cost of the prints to be made and the labor to be used are added to the prices. Those who want to get a clear price should contact a reliable manufacturer company and get a price quote.

European Bag, which is the leading company in the production of promotional bags, produces waterproof promotional bags. For the production of promotional bags in the desired quantity for the model you like European Bag's website you can visit.

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