TotalEnergies Introduced Rubia Works Series at KOMATEK

TotalEnergies Introduced Rubia Works Series at KOMATEK
TotalEnergies Introduced Rubia Works Series at KOMATEK

TotalEnergies brought its high performance and innovative products to the sector at KOMATEK 9, which was held in Antalya between 13 – 2022 March 2022. Rubia Works, the heavy diesel engine oil series of TotalEnergies Lubricants specially developed for construction machinery, attracted great attention from the participants at KOMATEK International Work and Construction Machinery, Technology and Appliances Trade Fair.

TotalEnergies Marketing and Technology Director Fırat Dokur emphasized the importance of taking part in the fair, which brought the industry together after five years, once again. Dokur said, “As TotalEnergies Lubricants, we have been developing innovative and high-performance products and solutions for industrial segments for more than 50 years. We had the opportunity to introduce our products and services to sector representatives on this platform, which has a high impact not only in Turkey but also in the international arena. KOMATEK had brought the whole industry together in 2017 for the last time. A lot of changes have occurred in the past five years. The industry's need for innovation and new technologies has also increased. Considering the new products we introduced to the sector, it was a very effective and productive meeting.”

High efficiency in the toughest conditions

TotalEnergies Marketing and Technology Director Fırat Dokur said that Rubia Engine Oils have been tested and approved more than 200 times by leading heavy commercial vehicle and equipment manufacturers, adding that the Rubia Works product range is specially designed for the newest machine engines used in excavation, mining and quarry operations. He said it was designed as Dokur said, “It is 100 percent compatible with the latest high-performance diesel engines of the Rubia Works series construction equipment. In the construction and mining industry, we ensure the efficiency of engines operating in the most demanding conditions such as heavy loads, long operating times, dusty environment and hot weather, and help reduce maintenance costs.

Stating that they brought Ceran and Multis, the greases developed for industrial equipment of TotalEnergies, together with the fair participants, Dokur continued as follows:

“At TotalEnergies Lubricants we offer a wide range of high quality greases. Innovation is in TotalEnergies' DNA. We were the first to develop a new generation calcium sulfonate complex technology grease with patented Ceran technology. Our Ceran grease range helps get the most out of equipment, offering the needed reliability and competitive advantage. Ceran is resistant to high pressure, water and high temperature and mechanical stability. zamIt also provides excellent protection against corrosion and oxidation. More durable and reliable than standard lithium greases, Multis, our lithium-calcium soap grease, provides superior performance at high temperatures and significantly reduces grease consumption.”

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