Schaeffler Repair Shop Portal Offers Business Partners Uninterrupted Technical Support with REPXPERT 3.0

Schaeffler Repair Shop Portal Offers Uninterrupted Technical Support to Business Partners with REPXPERT
Schaeffler Repair Shop Portal Offers Business Partners Uninterrupted Technical Support with REPXPERT 3.0

Working to be a strong solution partner of its business partners in our country as well as in the world, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket continues to provide comprehensive technical support to its business partners with the repair shop portal REPXPERT 3.0, which it launched in Turkey about five years ago and updated with a new version last year. Schaeffler REPXPERT Head of Repair Shop Services, Sven Olev Müller, talked about the services they offer to the industry with REPXPERT 36, which is used by hundreds of thousands of members in 3.0 countries.

Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket offers a very important technical support to the entire automotive aftermarket, especially the repair shops, with the repair shop portal REPXPERT 3.0, which was implemented with the mission of making the lives of its business partners easier in the countries in which it operates and updated with its new version last year. REPXPERT, used by hundreds of thousands of members in 36 languages ​​in 16 countries; It also provides unique technical information and support to repair shops, spare parts retailers and automotive teachers and students in our country.

Great interest in REPXPERT garage portal in Turkey!

Stating that they aim to facilitate the daily work of repair shops with REPXPERT, Schaeffler REPXPERT Head of Repair Shop Services Sven Olev Müller said, “REPXPERT 3.0; 'How can we provide better service?' A unique portal that emerged with the idea of We can say that we are the only one in the sector in terms of what we offer on this platform. Great effort is spent for REPXPERT, both in our headquarters in Germany and in the 36 countries where it operates. Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Turkey team is also working hard to offer the most comprehensive technical content to our business partners. It localizes all content from Germany in a way that can be easily understood by repair shops, masters and apprentices in Turkey. We strive to ensure that these contents are best understood, used in the most efficient way, and truly useful. Fortunately, all of our efforts are rewarded in the best possible way. Our masters know REPXPERT, make frequent use of the services it offers, and participate heavily in online trainings held through our portal.” said.

Free TecDoc Catalog

Sven Olev Müller stated that all the content offered by REPXPERT 3.0 is free and continued: “With the version we updated in October 2021, REPXPERT 3.0 offers many benefits to its users. The most important of these is that the TecDoc catalog continues to be offered free of charge to our members and updates are made more frequently. Craftsmen often use this catalog to find the part they are interested in with their chassis numbers, especially during the repair phase. In this way, a wrong part is prevented from being installed on the vehicle that is being repaired. In addition, the integrated parts catalog continues to offer the entire product range of all aftermarket manufacturers free of charge, while vehicle brand-specific repair and maintenance information (RMI) provided by TecAlliance can be accessed through our portal.”

Access to enriched content and technical support

Müller, who shared information on other benefits of REPXPERT 3.0, said, “Our portal also includes information about assembly. After procuring the right part they need, the masters can learn how to attach them to the vehicle, either with videos or with written instructions. Thus, incorrect assembly applications are prevented. Moreover, REPXPERT 3.0 also provides detailed technical information that is constantly enriched, such as various installation videos, practical tips for experts and help with common installation errors. Our portal also has a special bonus program only for our masters. Masters can use the bonus points in the product boxes to access technical documentation specific to certain vehicle brands. All of our content is offered to our members free of charge. With our mobile application, our craftsmen can access the free TecDoc catalog, easy and fast search with a barcode scanner, service bulletins, assembly instructions and much more, only with their mobile phones. Our technical support line provides service between 08.00-17.00 on weekdays.” said.

Great participation in training

Talking about the technical trainings organized through the portal, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Turkey Technical Services Manager Ahmet Onay said, “In our new generation garage portal; In addition to comprehensive technical information and repair data, extremely useful trainings are also organized. Due to the pandemic, we attach great importance to these trainings that we organize digitally. In these trainings, carried out live by our technical experts in Turkey, we show the assembly processes of the products comprehensively with different camera angles. Masters can send their questions to our trainers. In this sense, an extremely dynamic and interactive environment that proceeds in the form of mutual questions and answers is provided. The point we have reached in the online trainings that we can reach every point of Turkey is really a great success.” he said.

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