Schaeffler Publishes Sustainability Report

Schaeffler Publishes Sustainability Report
Schaeffler Publishes Sustainability Report

Schaeffler, one of the leading global suppliers of the automotive and industrial sectors, has published its Sustainability Report for 2021. According to the report, the Schaeffler Group aims to be climate neutral by 2040. Schaeffler's production facilities in Europe have been meeting all of their electricity needs from renewable sources since 2021. The company will cooperate with H2025 Green Steel for the supply of carbonless steel from 2. The integration of the company's sustainability performance into executive remuneration was approved as an "A-" grade in the CDP climate change program.

The Schaeffler Group, which proceeds with the awareness of social responsibility in all its activities around the world, has published its 2021 Sustainability Report. The company, which will operate as climate neutral throughout its supply chain from 2040, will make its domestic production climate neutral by 2030, with significant progress made during the reporting year in order to achieve this goal. Corinna Schittenhelm, Schaeffler AG Deputy General Manager for Human Resources, stated that since 2021, the production facilities in Europe have been meeting all of their electricity needs from renewable sources; “We will save approximately 2022 GWh from 47, thanks to our energy efficiency program that we have been successfully implementing. This savings is almost equivalent to the annual electricity needs of 15 two-person households in Germany.” he said.

Will supply green steel from Sweden

In line with the climate neutral target, emissions from by-products and raw materials in the delivery chain also need to be reduced. Andreas Schick, Executive Vice President of Operations at Schaeffler AG; “From 2025, Schaeffler will have taken a big step towards its targets by purchasing 2 tons of steel produced by Swedish start-up H2 Green Steel using hydrogen and containing almost no CO100 per year. The scope of this long-term contract includes the supply of steel strips. Made in Sweden and not requiring the use of fossil fuels, this steel will reduce Schaeffler's annual CO2 emissions by up to 200 tons.” said.

Schaeffler Group is the same zamAt the same time, it creates sustainable value with innovative solutions it offers to its customers in areas such as electromobility, renewable energy production and hydrogen production and use. The group is also accelerating its efforts to produce its own products as climate neutral as possible.

It attaches great importance to social responsibility

Schaeffler, whose top priority is social responsibility along with the protection of the climate, considers the developments it has made regularly in the field of health and safety as the most important factors in this direction. Thanks to the measures it implemented, Schaeffler managed to exceed the target of reducing the accident rate by an average of 2024 percent per year until 10 in 2021.

“A-” grade approved in CDP climate change program

Significant sustainability ratings achieved during the reporting year demonstrate the rigorous implementation of the Sustainability Roadmap. In this context, Schaeffler Group increased its EcoVadis sustainability score to 100 out of 75, reaching the Platinum level, and took its place in the top one percent of companies operating in the same field. The company has made significant progress in the fields of work and human rights, as well as ethical and sustainable sourcing. Schaeffler is the same zamAt the same time, despite the tightening criteria of the CDP climate change program, it received an "A-" grade once again in the reporting year, and raised its grade in the CDP water program from "B" to "A-".

As in previous years, Schaeffler Group continues to adopt the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact in order to reinforce its global commitment to sustainable development. Schaeffler introduced its new sustainability goals, new products, solutions and cooperation agreements in the field of sustainability at a live event held at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Schaeffler also resolutely continues to implement the European Union Sustainable Finance Action Plan, which requires companies to invest in sustainable activities in order to achieve their current climate and sustainability goals.

Klaus Rosenfeld, CEO of Schaeffler AG; “The issue of sustainability is of strategic importance for Schaeffler. Despite the current geopolitical uncertainties, we will continue to carry out our activities in line with this approach and we will continue to work in this area to achieve our goals.” he concluded by saying.

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