Things to Consider When Switching from Winter Tires to Seasonal Tires

Things to Consider When Switching From Winter Tires to Seasonal Tires
Things to Consider When Switching from Winter Tires to Seasonal Tires

The winter tire requirement, which has been in effect since December 1, 2021, has ended. Erdal Kurt, Secretary General of LASID (Tyre Manufacturers and Importers Association) zamHe made evaluations about the need to remove the moment and the transition to seasonal tires.

for safe driving Emphasizing the importance of the right tire, LASID Secretary General Erdal Kurt said, “Although the winter tire application ends as of April 1, the climate conditions may change according to the regions. Our drivers can switch to seasonal tires by following the weather conditions in the region where they drive and the decisions of the Governor's Office. The correct tire is the one suitable for the season and the characteristics of the vehicle. Correct storage of winter tires when removed; Tires suitable for the season must be checked by an expert when they are mounted under the vehicle.

Pointing out the importance of the right tire for safe traffic, Erdal Kurt, Secretary General of the Tire Manufacturers and Importers Association; Although the compulsory winter tire application ended on April 1, he drew attention to the climatic conditions that are outside the seasonal norms and emphasized the following important points: "The duty of the drivers is to take all kinds of precautions for a safe driving. Tire selection according to the season is just one of these measures. Due to climatic change, sudden weather changes are increasing day by day. We experienced heavy snowfalls across the country in March and unfortunately we have all seen how vehicles that do not use winter tires negatively affect traffic. The mandatory winter tire application, which started on December 1, ends as of April 1 under normal conditions. However, the governorships; is authorized to extend this period depending on seasonal conditions. By following the relevant governor's statements of the drivers and the climatic conditions they are in, zamAt the same time, they must switch from winter tires to seasonal tires.

As we always underline, rubber; It is one of the most important parts of a vehicle that connects us to life. The tire you choose should be suitable for your vehicle, your driving needs and the season. The right tire contributes to safe driving. You should also choose the right tire for your vehicle, you and your environmental conditions, while removing your winter tires and switching to the tires suitable for the season.

Store your winter tires in a dry, cool, dark place!

LASID Secretary General Erdal Kurt stated that an important point to be considered when removing winter tires is the storage of the tires coming out from under the vehicle, and that an ideal storage environment should be provided so that these tires do not experience performance losses when they are re-inserted under the vehicle. Sharing the knowledge that the ideal environment for tire storage is dry, cool, and free from sunlight, acid and oil-like chemicals, Kurt continued: “Tires should be stacked vertically and side by side if possible, or on top of each other; should be alternately replaced. Take care not to subject your tires to permanent deformation due to weight or pressure. A properly stored tire extends its lifespan, and there is no loss of performance when remounted under the vehicle.

Expert control and correct air pressure are essential for the tire to be fitted!

Erdal Kurt stated that when the winter tires are removed, the seasonal tires to be mounted under the vehicle must also be checked by an expert, and said:

“We strongly recommend that you have the tread, heel, sidewall and tread checks of the tires you will start using by authorized services. Disorders such as irregular wear, puncture, wear and tear should definitely be examined by experts. Mounting on the appropriate rim, pumping the right air, and balancing are the most important points to be considered for a safe ride. Changing from a winter tire to a seasonal tire is not just about removing the tire on April 1st, it requires doing the whole process right. As LASID, we recommend our drivers to switch from winter tires to seasonal tires within the framework of these warnings and precautions. Vehicle owners can get information about the right tire from their specialist at the sales points. They can also visit our website for all the information they are curious about about tires. They can follow our posts on our youtube and facebook social media accounts where we continue to talk about the tire regularly.''

Here are the things to consider when storing your tires:

  • Sun rays and strong artificial rays containing high ultraviolet rays should be prevented from falling on the product. You should store your tire under non-strong artificial light.
  • warehouse floor; It is made of concrete properly and should be kept clean.
  • Tires should not be more than 8 in a row, if possible, vertically and side by side, and zaman zamthe moment should be stacked by replacing the top-to-bottom logic; should be alternately replaced. Take care not to subject your tires to permanent deformation due to weight or pressure.
  • You should store your tire at room temperature. The warehouse environment should be as cool, dry and ventilated as possible. It should never be stored in damp, wet or humid environments.
  • your tires; Do not store in warehouses where chemicals such as solvents, fuels, acids, etc., and close to machines that may generate sparks.
  • Direct contact of products with installation pipes and radiators should be avoided.
  • There should be no water leaks from the ceiling/roof, windows, entrance, etc.
  • Substances that will pollute and/or damage the tires should not be in the warehouse.

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