Aydın Basım Promotional Magnets

Aydin Basim Promotional Magnets
Aydın Basım Promotional Magnets

It is possible to see printed magnets on almost every refrigerator or metal cover. The main reason for this is that magnets are often preferred among alternative promotional products. It is one of the promotions where a brand can advertise and increase its awareness. Considered in this context Printed Magnet demand is also very high.

Printed magnets are prepared in the best way with the quality difference of Aydın Basım Promotion company. It is among the products frequently preferred by companies and brands in various sectors. Magnets also differ with their special editions and models. They are also very useful in terms of their features.

Aydın Printing Magnet Types

There are many different magnet models produced and printed within the company. Moreover stick on thermometer There are also models covering different qualities such as Magnets, which offer practical convenience in daily life and advertise brands, are the most popular ones. We have listed below the types of magnets produced within the scope of Aydın Basım Promotion. You can examine all the products we mentioned by entering the company's website with sample images.

  • Standard magnet
  • notepad magnet
  • custom cut magnet
  • Framed magnet
  • Calendar magnet
  • Degree magnet
  • vehicle magnet
  • metal magnet with opener

In addition to magnet types, magnetic pens and magnet papers are also offered within the company.

Aydın Basım Promotional Magnet Features

Printed and produced magnets have different properties and qualities. Thanks to the magnetic properties of standard magnets, you can stick them on refrigerators or metal places as a decorative product. However, there is an alternative feature such as taking notes on magnets with memo pads. Also framed magnets allow any photo or picture to be placed inside the magnet. In this respect, framed magnets are also very useful.
The size and dimensions of the magnets vary depending on the calendar, temperature gauge or opener design. You can create a special print order for the magnet model you want according to the magnet type you have chosen. In addition to all these, you can continue to advertise your brand with one of the most alternative methods. Aydın Basım Promotion firm carries out successful works in this context.

Wholesale Printed Magnet Order

representing your brand Branded Fridge Magnet You can reach Aydın Basım web address to order. Magnets, which the company prints and gives product names, are frequently in demand in various sectors and companies. In this context, it is also possible to order wholesale printed magnets. All you have to do for this is to reach the web address of Aydın Basım Promotion company. Then you can choose one of the product categories offered and complete your order according to the quantity you request.

After the online payment process is completed, the design you want is printed on the magnets and delivered to your address. In this way, you can contribute to your brand awareness with magnets, which are promotional products frequently used by many brands. Aydın Basım firm proves its professionalism and work experience to its customers in this process.

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