Yeri Automobile TOGG Debuted In Turkey For The First Time

Yeri Automobile TOGG Debuted In Turkey For The First Time
Yeri Automobile TOGG Debuted In Turkey For The First Time

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that together with TOGG, global brands' investments in electric vehicles in our country continue at full speed and said, "Our country zamIt will now be a global production base for electric vehicles.” said.

Minister Varank inaugurated the "ECO CLIMATE Economy and Climate Change Summit and Fair", which was organized to combat climate change and minimize the impact of climate change on the economy. Union of Turkish Municipalities and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu and Ankara Chamber of Industry President Nurettin Özdebir also attended the summit.


Minister Varank, in his speech here, said that during the two-day event, all aspects of climate change will be discussed from national and international perspectives. Noting that the world's first climate change fair was established within the scope of this summit, Varank stated that they were at the fair both as the Ministry and with its affiliated and related organizations.


Pointing out that the star of the fairground will be the born electric and autonomous vehicle TOGG, Varank said, “When TOGG is put on the road at the end of this year, it will be the star of not only our country but also the world. It will be one of our most important achievements in the fight against climate change with zero carbon emissions.” he said.


Stating that the stage of raising awareness on climate change has passed, Varank stated that the ones responsible for the process to reach a critical stage are not developing countries such as Turkey and Turkey, but countries that have been polluting nature and the atmosphere with the understanding of wild economic growth for centuries.


Expressing that at the point reached today, the "bill" is paid together as humanity, Varank said, "This has now become a struggle for existence for mankind. If we want to create a livable environment and leave a livable world to future generations, we need to make radical changes in our economic activities. Of course, governments will aim to increase the economic growth and welfare of their countries in their development policies, but they must ensure the sustainability of this growth and respect for the environment. zamWe need to be more careful than now. We, as Turkey, do our part in this regard. zamWe will continue to do so.” he said.


“Even if we create a carbon neutral country as Turkey, if other countries do not take these steps, it is not possible for us to make the world livable,” said Varank, “Therefore, all countries must take responsibility. In particular, there is a country that emits half of the carbon in the world right now. When we look at the measures regarding this country, we see that no one cares about this issue, and that Western countries continue to invest in those countries. We will do our part, but we have to act collectively here.” used the expressions.


Emphasizing that it is essential to transform into a structure where resources, especially energy, are used efficiently, waste is minimized, wastes are recycled, and there is no carbon footprint, Varank said that this transformation, which will lead to radical changes in the country's investment, production, employment and export policies, is suitable for economic development. stated that they will continue to implement it.


Noting that as the Ministry, they are working with all their might to manage the process better, seize the opportunities and move the country to the position it deserves, Varank reminded that they have developed innovative and rational policies in many areas from R&D and technology ecosystem to entrepreneurship, from qualified human resources to business and investment environment.


Explaining that Turkey's Automobile Project TOGG is at the forefront of these moves, Varank said, "Full zamWe will increase our competitiveness in the automotive sector exponentially, thanks to this project, which we have implemented by investing in the right technology immediately. TOGG will also be the pioneer of green transformation in the sector. Work on both the construction of the factory and the development of the vehicle continues at full speed as planned. With the launch of TOGG, awareness in this area will increase even more.” said.


Noting that together with TOGG, global brands' investments in electric vehicles in our country continue at full speed, Varank said, "Ford Otosan is making a huge investment in this regard in our country. As of this month, they are starting the production of their fully electric vehicles in Kocaeli. Many other brands are waiting for an opportunity to come to our country. Our country is near zamYou can be sure that it will become a global production base for electric vehicles at the same time.” he said.


Mentioning that the need for electric vehicle charging infrastructures has increased with the rapid developments in the sector, Varank reminded the support program announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. In this context, Varank stated that they will provide a total of 81 million lira support for the establishment of more than 1500 high-speed charging stations in all 300 provinces, and said, “We will give all of this as a grant to our companies that will invest in this field. Thus, we will equip Turkey with charging stations within a year.” he said.


Pointing out that in parallel with the electrification process, renewable energy sources are more prominent in electricity generation, Varank explained the incentives provided to wind and solar energy investments. Varank stated that industrialists all over Turkey are also making investment plans in this regard. Talking about the projects that will accelerate the transformation of OIZs into “Green OIZs”, Varank pointed out that this will meet the infrastructure requirements of organized industrial zones and become sustainable industrial areas where water is recovered and renewable energy is produced.


Emphasizing that this transformation cannot be realized only with the efforts of manufacturers, local managers, industrialists and business people, Varank said, “If we want to save the future of the world and Turkey, our children, children and youth need to be more conscious in this area. I would like to thank the young people who filled the entire hall. The future of Turkey will be saved by these young people, the TEKNOFEST generation, not us. We will build a much greener and more beautiful Turkey together with them.” he said.

Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) President Gürsel Baran stated that the Turkish economy can easily adapt to change with its strong structure and said, "If we realize the green transformation, we are in a position to become the logistics and supply center of the world by adding a new one to the existing advantages." said.

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