New Lexus NX Proves 5-Star Safety in Euro NCAP Tests

New Lexus NX Proves 5-Star Safety in Euro NCAP Tests
New Lexus NX Proves 5-Star Safety in Euro NCAP Tests

Premium car brand Lexus has received the highest rating of 5 stars from independent testing agency Euro NCAP, for the all-new NX's features including comprehensive advanced safety and driver assistance systems.

According to the reports published by Euro NCAP, the new NX managed to demonstrate its superiority in every category. As a result of extensive tests, the 3rd generation Lexus Safety System + in the NX SUV proved its quality and efficiency. same zamAt the same time, the passive safety measures developed by Lexus provide the best protection for the occupants in the event of an impact. With all this work, the full-hybrid NX 350h and the plug-in hybrid NX 450h achieved the same high degree of safety.

In detail, the Lexus NX achieved a performance value of 83 percent for pedestrian adult occupant protection, 87 percent for child occupants, 83 percent for vulnerable road users (such as pedestrians, cyclists, and electric scooter users) and 91 percent for safety assistance systems.

Lexus has expanded the scope of its active safety and driver assistance systems to detect a wider range of hazards in different driving scenarios. In this way, it was ensured that the risk of collisions was prevented or the severity of the collision was reduced in many different situations.

Being the first Lexus model to be equipped with the new Emergency Steering Assistant, the NX thus provides automatic steering support by identifying obstacles such as pedestrians or a stationary vehicle that pose the risk of an accident. zamIt keeps the vehicle within the traffic lanes. All of NX's safety assistance systems received Euro NCAP's highest rating of “good”, underlining their high level of safety.

While NX meets Euro NCAP testing criteria, the same zamAt the same time, he was able to take it even further. Working in conjunction with the Safe Exit Assistant, the e-Latch electronic door system detects the traffic approaching from behind with the information it receives from the Blind Spot Monitor. Opening with a button instead of a traditional door handle, the NX's door prevents the door from opening when a risk of collision is detected. Thus, the door zamAccidents can be prevented by opening it at the same time.

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