New Citroen C5 X Exhibited For The First Time

New Citroen CX Exhibited For The First Time
New Citroen CX Exhibited For The First Time

Citroën exhibited a rich collection at Rétromobile 2022, the classic auto show that brings together automobile and history enthusiasts. While the new C5 X, the latest representative of the iconic Grand Tourer tradition, will be exhibited for the first time in public, My AMI Buggy Concept, which offers a sense of adventure and freedom together, the BX, the popular family car of the 40s celebrating its 80th anniversary, and many other classic models are among the most important models in the world. Rétromobile, one of the classic car fairs, took its place in 2022.

Citroën, one of the world's most established automobile brands, showed off at the Rétromobile 5 classic auto show by exhibiting its iconic models that marked the automotive world in the past, the new C2022 X model, the latest representative of the Grand Tourer tradition, and the My AMI Buggy Concept, which sheds light on the future. The classic automobile fair Rétromobile, which was held for the first time in 1976, brought together automobile and history enthusiasts at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.

The newest representative of Citroën's Grand Tourer legacy

Citroën's new C5 X model was exhibited in public for the first time. The C5 X, the brand's most up-to-date Grand Tourer model, draws attention with its extremely stylish and unique lines, which succeeds in being both a sedan, a station wagon and an SUV at the same time. Continuing the tradition of Citroën models to be assertive and innovative, the C5 X offers the opportunity to travel almost in the comfort of a living room with the superior comfort level provided by the Citroën Advanced Comfort active suspension system, which is a first in the world. C5 X is equipped with the most advanced technologies for comfort and safety such as Advanced Head-up Display, semi-autonomous driving, voice recognition.

Mehari of the modern age

With the My AMI Buggy Concept, Citroën offers a contemporary solution for freedom-loving users who can be adventurous on the road or on the beach while behind the wheel. Following in the footsteps of Mehari, the off-road vehicle produced by Citroën between 1968 and 1988, My AMI Buggy Concept takes an adventurous stance with its doorless passenger compartment, numerous design elements and accessories.

BX celebrates its 40th anniversary

First showcased under the Eiffel Tower on September 23, 1982, BX attracted attention with its display, style and striking original design. When the 30th Paris Motor Show opened its doors on September 1982, 69, the BX became one of the undisputed stars of the show. Produced at the Rennes La anais factory in Brittany and the Vigo factory in Spain, the BX was a commercial success in its own right, leaving the production lines in June 2,3 with sales of over 1994 million units. Citroën entrusted the body design to Italian body manufacturer Bertone. Designer Marcello Gandini proposed an original design. strong and the same zamA unique design emerged. With this unique design, BX stood out among its competitors in the automotive world of the period. Equipped with a large tailgate, the 4.23 m long hatchback body model could host five passengers with a cradle-like comfort level with its fixed-height hydro-pneumatic suspension system. The CX-inspired dashboard featured iconic equipment such as satellite controls on both sides of the steering wheel and a backlit tachometer. With its powerful engines offered since the beginning of sales, the BX attracted attention with its extremely dynamic driving characteristics. The composite materials used in parts such as the bumper, trunk lid, hood and fender were innovative, making the BX only 885 kg. BX has been on the market for 12 years and has remained up-to-date with many changes during this time. Zamit instantly got a station wagon version, it was facelifted and a commercial version was also produced. In addition, new equipment such as sunroof, air conditioning, digital display were presented. It is produced with innovations such as an engine that offers up to 162 HP, electronic fuel injection, automatic transmission and permanent all-wheel drive. zamIt remained popular throughout the moment. Even a road version of the Group B race car, the BX 4 TC, limited to 200 units, was produced. With such a unique commercial success, the BX also left its mark on automobile history. Celebrating its 40th anniversary, BX also has a special place in the hearts of collectors.

With other historic Citroën models zamtravel in the moment

Citroën offered the opportunity to re-acquaint with some of the iconic models that marked the brand's grand tourer history to accompany the C2022 X in Rétromobile 5 with the help of Citroën collectors' clubs. Rosalie 10: First introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1932, Rosalie; It had different engine options as 8 HP, 10 HP 4-cylinder and 10 HP 6-cylinder, as well as different body types. Until 1942, 162.468 units were produced. Traction Avant 15/6: The Traction model, which was sold for 1934 years from 1957 to 23, was available in 4-door sedan, coupé and cabriolet versions, with approximately 758.948 units produced. Traction, which left its mark on the history of France during the Second World War, was technically revolutionary. The front-wheel drive model was the first production car to feature independent front suspension, a hydro-pneumatic suspension system on the rear axle of the 1954/15 H in 6, hydraulic brakes and a monocoque body. Traction deservedly earned the nickname "Queen of the Roads" with the superior handling characteristics of its time. CX 2000 Pallas: The CX formed the top of the Citroën range from 1974 to 1991. 1.042.460 units were built and, adding to its commercial success, it was named Car of the Year in 1975. Despite its hatchback silhouette, the CX is a true 4-door car; With features such as hydro-pneumatic suspension, 4 disc brakes and front-wheel drive, it was fully committed to Citroën's traditions. Apart from its single windshield wiper, concave rear window and Lunula dashboard design, the CX features the iconic advanced

It was engraved in the memories with its “Prestige” version.

2 CV Sahara: 694 2 CV 4×4 Sahara gave the spirit of adventure at first glance. It was simple and solid with one engine in the front and another in the rear. With its raised body and spare wheel on the hood, it was indispensable for desert adventures. US Mehari: The famous Mehari also crossed to the other side of the Atlantic. One of them was sent to the USA in 1970 and 1971. Adapted to local standards, the US version of the Mehari differed from its French cousins ​​with its oversized round headlights. On the Citroën Origins website you can see some of the most iconic models in the brand's history: (Virtual museum with 65 vehicles accessible from 79 countries).

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