New Collaboration for CO2-Free Hydrogen from Toyota

Toyota's New Collaboration for CO-Free Hydrogen
Toyota's New Collaboration for CO-Free Hydrogen

Toyota and ENEOS have signed an agreement for the production and use of CO2-free hydrogen for use in Woven City, the future city of Japan. Toyota and ENEOS will immediately begin work on producing hydrogen for Woven City and fuel cell vehicles. Under the agreement, action was taken to build and operate a hydrogen refueling station near Woven City. This will include the management system operation related to the efficient supply and demand of hydrogen. The hydrogen filling station is scheduled to be operational before Woven City's opening in 2024-2025.

The hydrogen station to be built will also meet the hydrogen needs of Woven City and its surroundings. This collaboration is aimed at accelerating steps towards creating a carbon-neutral society. This model will also facilitate the realization of clean energy operation, first in Woven City and eventually around the world.

Woven City, Toyota's unique project, is planned to be a people-oriented city where people are happier in their daily lives, where innovative ideas are exhibited and the first examples of mobility are used.

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