Shell Helix Continues to Support the Turkish Rally Championship

Shell Helix Continues to Support the Turkish Rally Championship
Shell Helix Continues to Support the Turkish Rally Championship

Shell & Turcas continues to support the Turkish Rally Championship organized by the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) this year as the name sponsor with the Shell Helix brand. Shell Helix 7 Turkey Rally Championship, consisting of 2022 races in total, will start with the Bodrum Rally to be held in Muğla on April 15-17. The season, which will continue with the Yeşil Bursa Rally, Eskişehir Rally, Kocaeli Rally, Istanbul Rally and the Aegean Rally, will be completed with the last race between 11-13 November. Shell Helix 2022 Turkey Rally Championship zamIt will be held together with the Turkey Historic Rally Championship, which is open to the participation of classic cars over the age of 35.

Shell & Turcas CEO Emre Turanlı, who sponsored the Turkish Rally Championship, which has an important place in terms of Turkish automobile sports, for the third time with the Shell Helix brand, said: “In our country, automobile sports started with rally in 3. The Turkish Rally Championship, on the other hand, continues to increase its popularity day by day, both with the increase in the quality of the organizations and the success of our athletes abroad. As the world's leading mineral oil supplier, we are very happy to give our name to the rally championship, which has a very important place for automobile sports in Turkey, with our Shell Helix brand.”

Referring to the value-adding features of Shell Helix engine oils, Turanlı continued as follows: “In the Turkish Rally Championship, the vehicles will be driven in very difficult conditions, on different tracks with asphalt and dirt floors. zaman zamthey compete with each other on very slippery surfaces. Our Shell Helix engine oils protect the engine in these harsh conditions and help the vehicle perform at its best. We stand by the pilots with our innovation power as well as with our name.”

TOSFED President Eren Üçlertoprağı stated that they are happy to continue their cooperation with Shell Helix and said, “Shell Helix is ​​a global brand that has been successfully maintaining its solution partnerships with different brands and teams in many different branches of motor sports for many years. We are extremely happy that our cooperation, which started two years ago, will continue in the new season. We believe that Shell Helix will continue to add value to the Turkish Rally Championship with its name, presence and performance.” said.

Shell Helix 2022 Turkey Rally Championship Calendar

15-17 April Bodrum Rally – MUGLA
27-29 May 46th Green Bursa Rally – BURSA
24 – 26 June 12. Eskişehir Rally – ESKİŞEHİR
29-31 July 39th Kocaeli Rally – KOCAELİ
16-18 September 42nd Istanbul Rally – ISTANBUL
14-16 October 31st Aegean Rally – İZMİR
11-13 November To be announced later

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