What is a notary public, what does it do, how to become a notary? Notary Salaries 2022

What is a notary public, what does he do, how to become a notary public notary salaries 2022
What is a notary public, what does he do, how to become a notary public notary salaries 2022

Notary; It can be defined as persons who embody the transactions with documents and make them conform to the law in order to ensure legal security and prevent disputes. It is a profession that is important in terms of formalizing the transactions and regulating legal relations. Those who work in a notary public are considered self-employed, although they do not have the status of civil servants. Clerks and servants are subject to labor law.

What Does a Notary Do, What Are Their Duties?

Notaries bind the transactions between legal and real persons to a legal basis and formalize the documents. In particular, he is responsible for the works of determination, escrow, will and other transactions related to death as well as notification transactions. The scope of duty of the notary profession can be defined as follows:

  • To regulate all transactions that are ordered by law or whose authorities are not specified, in accordance with the provisions of the law,
  • Preparing real estate or vehicle sales promise contract,
  • Approving the documents issued by other institutions with certification processes such as seals and signatures,
  • To produce the original or samples of any legal transaction,
  • To send protests, notices and warnings,
  • To certify written documents translated from one language to another.

How to Become a Notary?

The first requirement is to graduate from law faculties of universities in Turkey or abroad. Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, not having any deprivation of rights that will prevent a person from being a civil servant are among the other important criteria for being a notary public. Having lost the right to be a judge, prosecutor, civil servant or lawyer, and being deprived of these rights constitutes an obstacle to being a notary public.

Persons who want to become a notary public must have completed their attorneyship internship and have obtained their attorney's licenses. It is obligatory that they apply to the Ministry of Justice as a notary public and obtain the notary public's certificate and then complete the notary public internship. In addition to the courses taken during the law school education, they must constantly follow the updated laws and regulations.

The conditions for those who want to become a notary public are as follows;

  • He should finish law school.
  • Must be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
  • Must be over 23 years old and less than 50 years old.
  • He should not be convicted of disgraceful crimes.
  • He must be in good mental health.
  • Lawyers, prosecutors, judges and civil servants should not be banned
  • He should not be engaged in any other job other than notary public.

Notary Salaries 2022

Notary public 2022 notary salary We can state here that people who work as a notary public receive an average monthly salary of around 9500-11250 TL.


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