New BMW i4 and New BMW 2 Series Active Tourer in Turkey

New BMW i and New BMW Series Active Tourer in Turkey
New BMW i4 and New BMW 2 Series Active Tourer in Turkey

As of April, the New BMW i4 eDrive40 will take its place in Borusan Otomotiv BMW Authorized Dealer Showrooms with prices starting from 1.892.900 TL and the New BMW 2 Series Active Tourer from 948.900 TL.

Indicating that they are one of the important pioneers of the electrification transformation in the automotive industry and that they focus on spreading electromobility with their experience in this field, Borusan Automotive Chief Executive Officer Hakan Tiftik said: with our customers at the same time. We have reinforced this determination with the mission we have set for ourselves, "Being a Pioneer in the Electrification Transformation of the Turkish Automotive Sector". We continue to walk towards our goal, which we have raised in parallel with this mission, with BMW's new all-electric model i2013 and the New 3 Series Active Tourer, a mild hybrid engine car.” said.

Emphasizing that despite the chip crisis that deeply affected the automotive industry in 2021, BMW Group delivered a record number of vehicles and the share of electric vehicles in total deliveries increased by 13 percent, Tiftik said: . With the new emission rules implemented by many countries, all players of the automotive industry are expanding their product ranges with new fully electric models. Thus, we will continue to expand the electric car market in Turkey, where we witness record sales in the total automotive market every year. In this context, we will further strengthen our leading role with the new models we have added to the fully electric product family.” said.

Drawing attention to the use of renewable energy in the production of the new BMW i4, Tiftik said, “BMW's first all-electric Gran Coupé model, the New BMW i4 eDrive40, has an important role in the carbon footprint reduction targets of the BMW Group. Renewable energy from power plants is used.” said.

Stating that the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer successfully combines elegance with comfort, Tiftik said, "This brand new model, which attracts BMW enthusiasts with its 1.5-liter gasoline mild hybrid engine, has an important place for us in terms of the global vision for electrification transformation." The new BMW i4 eDrive40 Dynamic driving characteristics; Blending a modern, elegant and sporty design, BMW's first all-electric Gran Coupé model, the New BMW i4, is ready to meet with the roads of Turkey. The new BMW i4, which creates a low center of gravity by placing the high-voltage battery unit between the front and rear axles, perfectly reflects the legendary driving pleasure and superior performance of the brand in its all-electric model.

While the new BMW i4 eDrive40 model offers rear-wheel drive to its users, the electric motor producing 340 hp and 430 Nm of torque accelerates the car from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.7 seconds. According to WLTP norms, the new BMW i4 eDrive40 can travel 590 km with a fully charged battery capacity.

Designed in a stylish, dynamic and practical monolith, BMW's signature large kidney grilles, door handles integrated into the body and light alloy wheels optimized for aerodynamic perfection are among the outstanding exterior design details of the New BMW i4 eDrive40. Thanks to these details, the New BMW i4 eDrive40 shows minimum resistance against the wind and highlights the aerodynamic structure, which is very important for fully electric cars.

The new BMW i4 eDrive40 combines practical features such as the wide tailgate with easy loading with the comfort of a four-door car and the sportiness of the brand's coupé models. The luggage volume, which is 470 liters, increases up to 1290 liters with the rear seats folded. In addition, the New BMW i4 has a length of 4783 mm, a width of 1852 mm, a height of 1448 mm and a wheelbase of 2856 mm.

Premium Technology, Premium Ease of Use The new BMW i4 eDrive40 offers a modern and generous interior with its thin and low design instrument panel. With its 12.3-inch instrument display and 14.9-inch high-definition touchscreen multimedia display, the BMW Curved Display is driver-oriented.

BMW Touch Controller located in the center console; It provides intuitive control of all entertainment, information, communication and navigation features with the BMW Operating System 8 to which it is integrated. Another revolutionary innovation in the cabin of the all-electric BMW i4 models is the replacement of most physical buttons by touchscreens.

10 km Range with 164 Minute Charge

The new BMW i4 eDrive40 can reach full battery capacity in less than 11 hours with 8.5kW AC charging. The new BMW i4 eDrive40 offers a range of approximately 200 km with a 10-minute charge at the DC charging station, which can reach up to 164 kW.

The all-electric BMW i4 eDrive40 can reach from 200 percent to 31 percent battery charge in 10 minutes at DC charging stations with up to 80 kW.

The First All-Electric M Model: The new BMW i4 M50

Easily distinguishing from the new BMW i4 eDrive40 with its powerful and athletic design unique to M models, the New BMW i4 M50 is the first fully electric car developed by the M department to date.

The M Aerodynamics package, M light alloy wheels and M exterior mirrors are among the important elements that underline the dynamic character of the car. In addition, the M logo on the one-piece giant kidneys and the Cerium Gray design details support the car's distinctiveness.

The most modern representative of BMW's legendary driving character, the New BMW i4 M50 offers its user maximum handling capability with its approximately 50-50% weight distribution and a center of gravity close to the ground.

Zero Emissions and Sustainability Together

The new BMW i4 stands out for using only renewable energy from hydroelectric power plants in its production process. In this way, the new BMW i4 aims to minimize its carbon footprint by using natural resources more responsibly.

The BMW Group first supplies the cobalt used in battery cells, and then makes it available to business partners responsible for battery cell production. Thus, it is possible to apply full surveillance in all processes. Likewise, the required lithium is supplied through transparent processes implemented by the BMW Group. High-quality recycled material also for many components of the BMW i4
plastics are used.

The new BMW i4 eDrive40, which was opened for pre-order in the last week of March, will take its place at Borusan Otomotiv Authorized Dealers in April.

New BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Dazzling with its athletic design, the New BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is easily recognized with its wide and octagonal kidney grille, sharp LED headlights and broad shoulder lines. The door handles integrated into the body highlight the model's lean design philosophy, while the straight A-pillar and extended window graphic give the New BMW 2 Series Active Tourer a dynamic look. The new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer exhibits both a sporty and confident stance thanks to its modern and aesthetic details. In addition, the friction coefficient, which has been reduced to 2 Cd with the improvements made compared to the previous generation of the New BMW 0.26 Series Active Tourer, also contributes to the efficiency of the car.

Versatile Interior Supported by Ergonomic Seats

Spacious and versatile interior design stands out among the important innovations coming with the second generation of the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. Inspiration from BMW's technological flagship model, the BMW iX, is evident in its cabin geometry and interior design details. Thus, a living space is created with a premium ambiance thanks to the thin instrument panel, BMW Curved Screen and decreasing buttons.

While increasing driving comfort with BMW Curved Display, Head-Up Display, Adaptive LED Headlights and Driving Assistant equipment offered as standard; It also increases the comfort of urban use with the optional Park Assistant Plus equipment that allows 360-degree vision.

The generous storage compartment in front of the armrest offers a wide area of ​​use for items that make daily life easier, such as a smart phone and a thermos. The new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer also offers its passengers a much more comfortable long-distance journey than its predecessor. Electrically adjustable driver's seat zamAt the same time, it also provides the memory function to its user.

The new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer becomes a multi-purpose load compartment for users, thanks to its rear seats that can slide forward up to 13 centimeters and the rear seat backrests that can be folded in a 40:20:40 ratio. Accordingly, the luggage volume can reach 1405 liters.

Both Economic and Environmentalist

With the mild hybrid technology of the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, the kinetic energy of the car can be converted into electricity and stored in the battery while braking or driving. This power is used in the electrical systems of the car, increasing the performance and efficiency of the engine. Thus, lower emissions and fuel consumption are achieved, while additional 19 hp and 55 Nm of torque are provided. 1.5
The new BMW 170i Active Tourer, which produces 220 hp in combination with the gasoline BMW Twinpower Turbo engine in liter volume, offers a high performance drive as well as an efficient one.

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