Mercedes-Benz Vito has been in Turkey for 25 years

Mercedes-Benz Vito in Turkey for 25 Years
Mercedes-Benz Vito in Turkey for 25 Years

Vito, one of the most stable models of Mercedes-Benz's journey in Turkey, is celebrating its 2022th anniversary in our country as of 25. Mercedes-Benz Vito, which was launched in the world in 1996, started to be sold in Turkey as of 1997. Mercedes-Benz Vito, which has been sold in 1997 different generations in the last 25 years since 3, zammoment became the star of comfort, safety and fuel consumption. In this 25-year adventure, Mercedes-Benz Vito has shaped the commercial vehicle world not only as a "Minibus", but also with "Panel Van" for freight transportation and "Mixto" types that can offer half-seat-half-load areas. Mercedes-Benz Vito has reached the sales figure of more than 1997 units since 40.000.

Tufan Akdeniz, Member of the Executive Board of Mercedes-Benz Automotive Light Commercial Vehicles Product Group; “With the Mercedes-Benz Vito we have been presenting the best offers in the mid-size minibus segment from 1997 to the present. With its 3 different generations, Vito zamThe moment enabled us to offer Mercedes-Benz comfort, safety and affordable operating costs to our customers. Not only with our minibus model, which we now call Vito Tourer, but also with our panel van and mixto types, we have met the demands in different fields. Today, the Vito Tourer has become a star in the power levels between 136 and 237 HP, with the option of all-wheel drive, and where we can appeal to a wide range of users. This success of Vito Tourer is crowned by being the best-selling vehicle in the 9-seater vehicle category for years. In 2022, when we anticipate that the effects of the pandemic will diminish, we firmly believe that one of the most effective support tools of the revived tourism industry will once again be the Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer. We will continue our best services and campaigns uninterruptedly for Mercedes-Benz Vito, which has provided advantages to our customers both when purchasing and using them for 25 years.”

Vito is the leader in 9-seater vehicles for 7 years

Mercedes-Benz Light Commercial Vehicles; Realizing a total sales of 2021 units in 6.125, it increased the sales figure of 2020 units in 5.175 by 18,36 percent. Mercedes-Benz Vito has been holding the title of the best-selling vehicle in the 2019-seat vehicle category for years, reaching sales figures of 1.558 units in 2020, 1.579 units in 2021 and 2.003 units in 9. Vito Tourer maintains its leadership in this segment for 7 years.

The third generation went on sale in 2014

The third generation of the Vito, produced in Spain, went on sale in the autumn of 2014. With its versatile usage features, Mercedes-Benz Vito has become the best colleague of businesses of different scales and the best companion of large families. 111 CDI engine types started to be offered as standard in Vito Tourer Base, Base Plus and Vito Mixto, Combi, Panel Van vehicles. The 114 HP (84 kW) Vito 111 CDI offered a 1.6-speed manual transmission as standard in its front wheel drive vehicles with a 6 lt engine. It offered 114 CDI (100 kW/136 HP) engine types in the Vito Tourer Pro and Pro Base vehicle, 116 CDI (120 kW/163 HP) in the Pro Plus vehicle and 119 CDI (140 kW/190 HP) in the Vito Select and Select Plus vehicle as standard. . In addition, rear-wheel drive, 4-cylinder and 2.143 cc engines were offered with 136 different power levels as 163, 190 and 3 HP.

Updated look in 2020

The number of safety and driving assistance systems increased from 2020 to 2020 in Mercedes-Benz Vito, which got its updated appearance in March 10 and started to be sold in Turkey in August 12 with the slogan “Beautiful in Every Way”. Driving comfort was supported with seats facing each other, panoramic glass roof and better quality interior offered in Vito Tourer, whose design was renewed. The fuel consumption advantage provided by the renewed engine options started to offer up to 13 percent economy compared to the previous engine options. Three of the 4 different engine options offered in the first phase consisted of OM 3 four-cylinder 654-liter turbodiesels. The front-wheel drive OM 2.0 DE coded 622-cylinder 4-liter turbo diesel engine offers 1.8 HP (136 kW) power; The rear-wheel drive OM 100 four-cylinder 654-liter turbodiesel was offered with 2.0 HP (136 kW), 100 HP (163 kW) and 120 HP (190 kW) options.

Engine options up to 237 HP

Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer got its new engine producing 2021 HP in May 237. In addition, innovations were made in all engine options. The OM 654 from the new four-cylinder turbo diesel engine family, offering performance and fuel economy together with its high efficiency level, Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer started to offer new engine power units in both Select and Select Plus equipped vehicles. Long and Extra Long options are also offered for the new engine. As of June 2021; Pro equipped vehicles offered as 116 CDI (163 HP) began to be offered for sale as 119 CDI (190 HP), while Select equipped vehicles offered as 119 CDI (190 HP) began to be offered for sale as 124 CDI (237 HP). The 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission is offered as standard on all rear-wheel drive Vito Tourer versions. The highly efficient torque converter automatic transmission replaced the 7G-TRONIC.

The new Vito continues its tradition of being the safest vehicle in its class with the addition of Active Brake Assist and DISTRONIC. The closed body version of the Vito offers airbags and seat belt warning for the driver and front passenger as standard. Vito also redefined the safety standards of its class by presenting the Crosswind Sway Assistant and Fatigue Assistant ATTENTION ASSIST six years ago.

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