Mercedes-Benz Turk Summer Term Internship Program Applications Started

Mercedes-Benz Turk Summer Term Internship Program Applications Started
Mercedes-Benz Turk Summer Term Internship Program Applications Started

Applications have started for the compulsory summer internship program “Summer Stars” created by Mercedes-Benz Türk with the aim of ensuring the integration of young people studying at universities into professional life. With the program in question, interns have the opportunity to take a new step in their career journey with the work they will carry out with Mercedes-Benz Türk employees and various trainings.

The program, which offers internship opportunities in many departments such as Information Technologies, Production, Bus-Truck Development, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Marketing & Sales, Finance & Accounting and Business Development, will continue for six weeks. The Summer Stars program will be held in two terms this year, covering six weeks each between June 27-August 10 and August 11-September 22.

Interns who will participate in the Summer Stars program of Mercedes-Benz Türk, which has been going on for many years, will have the opportunity to apply their theoretical training in practical life with the projects they will carry out under the guidance of company managers. With the program in question, students who will join the Mercedes-Benz Türk family for six weeks; develop themselves, be equipped with practical information about the profession they will be in, and advance their careers. zamIt is aimed that they will have a productive internship period that they will remember with pleasure. Within the scope of the Summer Stars program; There will be trainings, case studies, mentoring sessions, communication development meetings and project presentations.

Applications for the Summer Stars program are between 1-31 March 2022 FROM HERE can be done.

The application evaluation conditions of the program will be as follows:

  • To be studying in at least 4rd year in 3-year departments of universities,
  • Having an internship obligation,
  • Having a very good command of at least one foreign language (German and/or English),
  • To be successful in the interview and test applications to be carried out.

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