Mercedes-Benz Türk After-Sales Services Makes a Difference in the Sector

Mercedes-Benz Türk After-Sales Services Makes a Difference in the Sector
Mercedes-Benz Türk After-Sales Services Makes a Difference in the Sector

As the traditional leader of the Turkish bus and truck industry, Mercedes-Benz Türk continues to make a difference in the sector with its after-sales services. The company, which increases the maintenance and repair quality in its authorized services day by day in parallel with technological innovations; In line with the global standards of Daimler Truck, it continues its activities in line with its goal of providing after-sales services befitting Mercedes-Benz quality.

Attaching great importance to the repair quality of the vehicles repaired at its authorized services, Mercedes-Benz Türk offers its customers a high level of service quality with bodywork and paint treatments. Customers, who perform the bodywork and paintwork of their buses and trucks at authorized service centers, are able to protect the second hand value of their vehicles while securing all their safety, performance and comfort features, just as they did when leaving the factory. Parts repaired at authorized services are also included in the scope of Mercedes-Benz Türk's 2-year spare parts and labor warranty.

Mercedes-Benz Türk After-Sales Services Director Tolga Bilgisu made the following statement on the subject: “We continue to provide our customers with after-sales services that comply with Daimler Truck's global standards and befit Mercedes-Benz quality. With our bodywork and paint processes performed by trained and certified expert technicians at our authorized services, we offer our customers a high level of safety, performance and comfort just like when our vehicles leave the factory.”

Thanks to the advantage of the vehicles being produced in Turkey, Mercedes-Benz Türk manufactures the needed body parts at its Hoşdere Bus Factory and Aksaray Truck Factory in the fastest way specifically for the vehicle. The stock level in Mercedes-Benz Türk's spare parts warehouse is closely monitored and parts are ordered quickly. Thus, the supply of the needed parts is carried out quickly by Mercedes-Benz Türk and delivered to the dealers, and the repair processes of the vehicles are completed. This ensures a significant reduction in the time the vehicles stay in service. Thanks to the fact that all maintenance and repair works are carried out with original spare parts, Mercedes-Benz Türk customers continue their journey with the confidence and comfort of the first day.

Bodywork and paint operations are carried out by trained and certified specialist technicians.

Mercedes-Benz Türk attaches great importance to the training of its employees in order to maintain the high standard in the service quality of its authorized services. Body and paint technicians at authorized services receive “Mercedes-Benz Body Paint Technician” training at Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus Factory and Marketing Center Training Departments. Bodywork and paint operations, which are carried out by trained and certified expert technicians in authorized services, are carried out quickly and with high quality.

Adopting the principle of being with its customers in all circumstances, Mercedes-Benz Turk does not leave its customers alone in responding to accidents quickly with its extensive service network. Mercedes-Benz Türk helps its customers to communicate with the towing & recovery service in the event of an accident and ensures that their vehicles are taken to authorized services.

Bus windshield replacements are made in as little as 4 hours in authorized services, where the crashed vehicles are repaired in the fastest, highest quality and while maintaining the safety of navigation as on the first day. Emphasizing the importance of making windshield replacements at authorized service centers, Mercedes-Benz Turk underlines that the correct operation of the rain, light sensor and lane tracking assistant on the windshields of Euro 6 trucks and buses is possible with the use of original windshields. It is of great importance that these sensors are constantly activated for the vehicle's navigation and passenger safety.

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