Special Tourismo for Israel from Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus R&D Center

Special Tourismo for Israel from Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus R&D Center
Special Tourismo for Israel from Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus R&D Center

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo buses, designed by the Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus R&D team only in line with the needs of the Israeli market, get off the bands.

Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus R&D Center redesigned the Tourismo 15 RHD model, which it produced at Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus Factory and exported to Israel, in line with customer requests. Moving the middle door behind the rear axle was the most striking application among these works. In order to change the position of the door, the scope of the right side wall body of the vehicle was changed and with this change, the existing certificates of the vehicle were also renewed.

Another improvement was made at the front door of the bus. Unlike the mass-produced Tourismo models, fully heated glass was used on the doors in accordance with the legislation in Israel. This special application was designed by Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus R&D Center. Various studies were carried out with the German Design Team to ensure that the heated glass door is suitable for the general design of the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus R&D Center also worked on the tailgates of the buses exported to Israel. The tailgates, designed after the work done with Mercedes-Benz Turkish Bus R&D Center and Germany Door-Lid Group, can be opened and closed with a switch from the driver's seat without the driver getting out of the vehicle. In this way, driver safety is also increased.

In accordance with Israel's homologation conditions, an additional fire extinguisher application was carried out in a closed box in front of the back door.

Mercedes-Benz Turkish Bus Development Body Director Dr. Zeynep Gül Koca, in her statement on the subject, said: “In our Hoşdere Bus Factory, which has become one of the most modern bus production centers in the world, we also carry out special production called 'tailor sewing' in line with the needs of our customers. As Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus R&D Center, we play an important role in these productions. With the joint work of Mercedes-Benz Türk and EvoBus teams, we studied the special requests of our customers in all our models, especially our New Intouro model, for different countries and produced the most suitable buses in line with their needs. 39 kW air conditioning system for Spain, 330 mm pedestal elevation for Germany, which provides more luggage space, toilet application for different countries and convector heating application for northern countries are just a few of our special productions. In 2021, we carried out studies as Mercedes-Benz Türk and EvoBus R&D teams, as well as Mercedes-Benz Türk sampling and testing teams, and we unloaded our 'tailor-made' buses for 31 countries.”

Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus Factory, which is one of the most important bus production facilities in the world of Daimler Truck and opened its doors in 1995, has become one of the most modern bus production centers in the world. In addition to production, the factory, where important investments were made in the fields of product development and technology solutions and many firsts were realized, also exports engineering from Turkey to the whole world in addition to the employment it provides.

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