Second Tender for Used Premium Cars on March 24

Second Tender for Used Premium Cars on March 24
Second Tender for Used Premium Cars on March 24

The "second hand Premium automobile" tender, which was held for the first time last January and was in high demand, will be held again on Thursday, March 2, with the cooperation of "24plan" and "Borusan Vehicle Tender", one of the Borusan group companies. Borusan Vehicle Tender, 2plan Dealers and customers will be invited to the tender, which will be held by the auction method.

Responding to customer expectations at the highest level in the second-hand automotive industry, "2plan" and "Borusan Vehicle Tender" will continue their cooperation and will hold the second tender in Portaxe in Baltalimanı, where "Premium" vehicles of all brands will be sold. The tender, which will be held with the theme of "Welcome to Spring", will start at 12:00. In the tender, which will be held with a limited number of special guests, a cutthroat competition is expected for more than 60 premium cars, regardless of brand and model.

The end user will also be able to benefit from the tender system

2plan Chief Executive Officer Orhan Ülgür stated that they continued the synergy they had achieved with Borusan Vehicles Tender and that they would hold a very special tender again. The participation in this tender held in January was higher than expected. This time, we anticipate that there will be more participants. For this reason, we have limited the number of guests. The experience and trust that comes with our cooperation with Borusan Vehicle Tender will benefit our customers. We will provide our customers with an easy, reliable and alternative purchasing experience in our new tender, where a large number of second-hand luxury cars, independent of the brand, will be on sale. In our events, which are organized for the first time for the end user with the 'tender' system, the guests can reach the car of their dreams in an unusual format with fierce competition.

Availability problem led the consumer to the second hand

Borusan Vehicle Auction General Manager Sinan Barutçuoğlu underlined that customers who buy premium class vehicles have different expectations regarding the vehicle purchasing experience, and said, “As Borusan Vehicle Auction and 2022plan, two strong brands that held the first physical tender of 2, we are carrying our effective cooperation to the second premium automobile tender of the year. Currently, the lack of availability in new cars brings with it a second hand orientation in the premium vehicle segment. The new tender we will hold fully addresses the demand in this direction. We want to continue to make the users experience the power and difference of both institutions with new organizations throughout the year.”

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