Hyundai Opens Factory for Electric Models in Indonesia

Hyundai Opens Factory for Electric Models in Indonesia
Hyundai Opens Factory for Electric Models in Indonesia

Hyundai Motor Company opened its first factory in Southeast Asia in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The factory, which is a production center where the Indonesian government and Hyundai took a step together for the Southeast Asian markets, was formalized with a special agreement and started service.

Making an investment of approximately 1.55 billion dollars for this factory, Hyundai announced its annual production capacity as 250.000 units. The factory, which adapts to Hyundai's vision of "sustainable development" and "progress for humanity", is designed to meet the electric model needs in the automotive industry and to meet the same zamIt will now play an important role in the production of environmentally friendly technologies such as solar panels. In addition, Hyundai fulfills its responsibility in protecting the environment by using nature-friendly water-based paints in vehicle painting.

Indonesia is an important hub for Hyundai's future mobility strategy. Euisun Chung, Chairman of the Board of Hyundai Motor Group, regarding the new factory that was put into service; “This facility will play a key role in the automotive industry and particularly in the field of electric vehicles. It will also continue to contribute to the establishment of the electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia through its battery cell plant currently under construction. It will further help Indonesia play an important role in global markets and zam"It will now be the core manufacturing center for Hyundai's future technologies."

The Indonesian Government wants to convert 2030 public vehicles to electric models by 130.000. In line with this goal, it leads the expansion of the EV ecosystem. Hyundai also has an important place in the sector to support social responsibility awareness. Apart from the electric IONIQ 5, Hyundai's new factory will also produce models such as CRETA and MPV, which are important for the region. In addition, Hyundai continues to work with LG Energy Solutions to establish a battery factory in Indonesia.

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