Fiat Egea Hybrid Models Hit the Road

Fiat Egea Hybrid Models Hit the Roads
Fiat Egea Hybrid Models Hit the Road

Hybrid engine versions of the Egea model family, which Tofaş played an important role in the product development process and whose production started in 2015, were put on sale in Turkey.

Speaking at the press event where hybrid engine versions of Egea were introduced, FIAT Brand Director Altan Aytaç said, “We started 2022 with innovations. In January, we introduced the Cross Wagon to the consumer. The highly anticipated 1.6 Multijet II 130 HP Diesel automatic transmission versions of the Egea Family took their place in FIAT showrooms in all body types in March. Egea Hybrid, Sedan, Hatchback, Cross and Cross Wagon body types are taking their place in Fiat dealers in Turkey with prices starting from 509 thousand 900 TL as of April. Thus, Egea product range is getting richer. Pointing out that Egea, which has been the most preferred model of our country for six years, will become even stronger with new versions added to the gamma and Hybrid models in 2022, Aytaç said, “We aim to maintain the leadership of the FIAT brand in 2022 as well.” said.

Aytaç also said, “We started the sale of hybrid motor products of the Fiat brand in the Turkish market with the 500 and Panda last year. We are taking another step forward with Egea Hybrid. Thanks to its 48V hybrid technology, Egea will come to the fore with its environmentally friendly approach and the advantage it offers in fuel consumption, as well as its pleasant driving dynamics.”

Egea Hybrid: With its New Generation Hybrid Technology, it is both environmentally friendly and advantageous in fuel consumption

Egea Hybrid gets its performance from the synergy of a new generation 130-liter 240-cylinder turbo gasoline FireFly engine with 1,5 HP power and 4 NM torque, and a 48 kW electric motor with a 15-Volt battery. In Egea Hybrid, BSG (Belt Start Generator) and 15KW electric motor support the 130 hp internal combustion engine.

Thanks to the new powertrain of Egea Hybrid, the fuel consumption and emissions of the internal combustion engine are reduced during the warm-up phase. Hybrid technology in Egea; It allows the vehicle to take off (e-launch) in a quiet, fluid, 100% electric mode without wasting fuel, and to proceed in a fully electric mode at low speed (e-creep). Egea Hybrid can move forward in short distances in dense and congested traffic without pressing the accelerator pedal with only the power of the electric motor (e-queueing). Egea Hybrid can be parked in purely electric mode (e-park). Hybrid Egea, which was developed to recharge its battery with energy recovery during both braking and deceleration, does not compromise on performance and provides maximum driving comfort.

Along with the Egea Hybrid, the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is also offered for sale for the first time in the FIAT brand. Egea Hybrid, with 7-speed automatic transmission, accelerates from 0-100 km in 8,6 seconds, while providing a significant advantage in fuel consumption and reaching a consumption value of 100 liters per 5,0 km (WLTP) in urban use. Hybrid technology in Egea ensures that 47 percent of the WLTP cycle can be completed without starting the gasoline engine by completely shutting down the gasoline engine while driving, again for the first time in Fiat models. This rate can go up to 62 percent in urban cycle. As a result, the new 48-Volt hybrid gasoline engine provides lower fuel consumption in city use compared to both gasoline and diesel engines. With all these features, the new Egea Hybrid offers the most advanced 48-Volt Hybrid engine option in its class.

Equipped with the most advanced active safety systems in its class, advanced driving support systems (ADAS), hybrid-engined Egea, like all members of the family, 'Traffic Sign Recognition System', 'Intelligent Speed ​​Assistant', 'Lane Tracking System', 'Driver Fatigue Warning System' makes safety equipment such as 'Smart High Beam' selectable from the Urban (medium) equipment level. Features such as "Keyless entry and start", "wireless smartphone charging", "wireless multimedia connection" and "Blind Spot Warning System" (Sedan body type) and "automatic trunk opening sensor" that make life easier are still offered in the Lounge version.

Rich Equipment Levels and New Option Packages Egea Hybrid is offered for sale with automatic transmission in 3 different equipment levels, Easy (Sedan) / Street (Hatchback and Cross), Urban and Lounge, with prices starting from 509.900 TL. Egea, which has a limited number of hybrid engine options, is offered for sale through the brand's online sales channel with a pre-sale campaign, and the connected vehicle technology FIAT Yol Friend Connect, developed at Tofaş, will be presented to the first customers who make an online reservation.

“Fiat maintains its market leadership in the last three years in the first two months of 2022.

Continuing his speech by evaluating the Turkish Total Automotive Market, Altan Aytaç reminded that the FIAT brand has been the leader of the Turkish automobile and light commercial vehicle total market in the last three years. He stated that Egea has been “Turkey's Most Preferred Car” for the sixth time at the end of 2021 since its launch, and that Doblo was the "Best-Selling Light Commercial Vehicle Model" in the Light Commercial Vehicle class of the last year. Stating that the FIAT brand entered the year 2022 with innovations, Aytaç said, “The Cross Wagon, which we introduced in January, was highly appreciated by the consumers. We maintain our leadership in the first two months of the year. Egea and our entire organization have a big share in our success.”

“Egea Cross, Turkey's Best Selling Crossover in Its First Year on the Market”

Altan Aytaç also mentioned the successful performance of "Egea Cross", the representative of the family in the Crossover class, which was added to the Egea model family, which was renewed in 2020. Aytaç “Egea Cross”, the first crossover produced in Tofaş, became 'Turkey's Best Selling Crossover' in its first year on the market. Egea Cross doubled its share in the Egea 21-door market (HB, SW and Cross), which was 3,4 percent in the previous year, by making a 1,8 percent market share with the sales figure exceeding 5 thousand in its first year. Altan Aytaç mentioned that Egea Cross Wagon, like other members of the family, is highly appreciated. He added that he believes that Cross Wagon will take a very good position in the model family and that Wagon will create its own segment.

With FIAT My Travel Friend Connect, we make technology accessible to large audiences.

Altan Aytaç stated that Fiat leads the automotive industry with different applications and services by constantly improving the customer experience.
reminded. Aytaç thanked the members of the press who experienced Fiat Travel Friend Connect during the launch, and said, “As you know, our products and technology are integrated into the market. In this way, we make technology accessible to large audiences in line with Egea's philosophy. FIAT attaches great importance to the Connect application and we are constantly working to increase the value we create for our customers.” Altan Aytaç, who mentioned that the Fiat Companion Connect application, which has been in use since 2018, has reached 32 thousand users, said, “We will continue to make the lives of our customers easier by enriching new services and functions in Fiat Companion Connect this year as well. Continuing our leadership in connectivity technology
We aim to”, he concluded.

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