Support and Incentive Received Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Support and Incentive Received Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Support and Incentive Received Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Non-refundable support will be provided for electric vehicle charging station investments, up to 75 percent of the investment cost and up to 20 million TL. Operating expense support will not be applied for these projects.

The regulation of the Ministry of Industry and Technology making changes in the regulation on the technological product investment support program was published in today's issue of the Official Gazette.

In this context, the limitation for the machinery and equipment purchased using the support program, which is foreseen as 3 years, for not being sold, rented or transferred, will be applied for 1 year, provided that the place and purpose of use of the machinery and equipment are not changed.

Accordingly, if the technological product subject to investment is the subject of domestic production for the first time or if its current production is largely insufficient to meet the domestic market needs, a call announcement will be made regarding the applications for support for the investments counted by the Ministry of Industry.

Support application calls; It can be aimed at supporting investment projects for products or services to be offered by investors in technology fields to be determined by the Ministry, or investment projects related to investment subjects whose location, capacity and technical features have been determined by the Ministry in order to meet sectoral, regional or national needs. The Ministry will be able to obtain a performance bond up to 6 percent of the support amount from the investor whose contract will be signed.

The Ministry will be authorized to determine the rates of machinery and equipment support to be provided to investment projects or the upper limit of support, on the basis of the call, provided that they remain within the upper limits specified above, and to differentiate them according to the criteria to be determined for the call. The amounts requested by the investor, provided that they remain within the support rate and support upper limit determined in the call announcement, can be applied as the support amount with the decision of the Evaluation Commission. The General Directorate of National Technology will be authorized to apply the sanctions determined in the contract or to terminate the contract, to reduce or reset the support rate and amount, in case the investments are not completed in accordance with the purpose of the call.

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