BMW Group Ends 2021 With Records

BMW Group Ends 2021 With Records
BMW Group Ends 2021 With Records

The BMW Group has announced that it aims to deliver 2025 million fully electric cars to its customers by the end of 2. By 2030, the group expects half of its global sales to be purely electric vehicles.

Depending on the rapid development of the charging infrastructure, which has a critical role in the preference of fully electric cars, and how the problems experienced in the supply of raw materials are shaped, BMW Group also stated that it will reach the sales of more than 2030 million fully electric cars annually by 1,5.

Neue Klasse to Change Electric Car Production Paradigm

With the new technologies to be developed, the BMW Group, which plans to move to the third stage in the electricity conversion in 2025, will start to produce the Neue Klasse on its newest platform. Neue Klasse, which will launch at the new lean, green and digital BMW iFactory in Hungary in 2025, will offer superior performance at lower costs with its 6th generation powertrain. The financial efficiency that Neue Klasse will create will also reduce the cost of owning fully electric cars.

Investments in E-Mobility and Digitalization Increased

The BMW Group's 2021 financial results also drew attention with the increase in R&D expenditures devoted to electric mobility and digitalization, which are the future of the automotive industry. Spending on the development of new car platforms, autonomous driving and electric car technologies reached 2020 billion euros, an increase of 10.7 percent compared to the total cost in 6.29. Investments in this area are expected to increase in the coming periods.

New Partnerships in Autonomous Driving and Battery Technologies

The BMW Group continues to cooperate with the best technology companies in all regions of the world within the framework of Catena-X. Emission limits, which change the balance in the automotive industry, are rapidly increasing the demand for electric car production. The increase in the demand for electric mobility in parallel with the new regulations causes problems in the supply of components such as batteries, which form the heart of electric cars. The BMW Group is partnering with solid battery manufacturer Solid Power to avoid problems in this area.

In the field of autonomous driving technologies, the BMW Group engages in long-term cooperation with Qualcomm Technologies and Arriver to develop new software. With this partnership, the group plans to launch the New Car Assessment Program Level 2 and Level 2+ Driver Assistance Systems. In addition, with these collaborations, the group will also develop industry-leading software functions for autonomous driving up to Level 3 High Automated Driving technologies.

ALPINA Brand Also Entered Under the Roof of BMW Group

According to the statement made by the BMW Group in the first week of March, the ALPINA brand came under the umbrella of the BMW Group. Known for its special design customizations and engine modifications for BMW models, ALPINA also has a rich automotive history.

BMW's New Electric BMW i7 To Be Introduced in April

Setting the focus on zero-emission mobility, the BMW Group will add a new one to its fully electric cars this year, in addition to the most up-to-date models BMW iX and BMW i4, which it has brought together in its electric product range. The global presentation of the New BMW i7, which will set the standards in its segment with its cutting-edge equipment, a specially developed multimedia system for passengers using the rear seats, and advanced autonomous driving technology, will be held in April.
BMW's new all-electric model, the BMW i7, will offer efficiency and high range combined with the 6th generation electric driving technologies developed by the brand in-house.

Color Changing BMW Model: iX Flow

Displayed for the first time at CES 2022, the BMW iX Flow with the ability to change color took its place at the online BMW Group meeting. BMW AG Chairman of the Board Oliver Zipse gave the good news that they will introduce #NextGen, the next mobility vision in 2023, and digital Vision Vehicles at the CES Fair that will take place in January 2040. With this special model, BMW Group will offer a metaverse experience that combines the physical vehicle and the digital future.
The Future of Luxury Mobility

Unveiled in 2021 at the IAA Mobility Show in Munich, the headquarters of the BMW Group, the all-electric BMW i Vision Circular embodies a forward-looking perspective on what sustainable and luxury mobility in the urban environment will look like in 2040. With its i Vision Circular car, the BMW Group shows how much it has embraced circularity, which is one of the most important pillars of the transformation in the automotive industry, and how much it owns it.

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