'Find a Way to Design' with Audi

'Find a Way to Design' with Audi
'Find a Way to Design' with Audi

Audi Turkey continues its 'Find a Way' video series with its 'Find a Way of Design' video shot in Gaziantep.

The video series brings together the cities of Turkey, which stand out with their history and culture, with different lifestyles. Audi's video series 'Find a Way' continues, in which Turkey's cities that stand out with their historical and cultural riches and different life stories are brought together.

In the second movie of the series, augmented reality and 3D modeling artist Ege İşlekel talks about the 'Gypsy Girl', which is located in Zeugma Ancient City, one of the most important historical and cultural assets of Turkey and Gaziantep, and has become the symbol of this place. Audi A3 Sedan accompanies the artist on her journey she.

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Everything starts with a small piece…

Stating that everything starts with a small piece in the movie 'Find a Way to Design', and small pieces come together and turn into wonderful works, İşlekel said, “Everything in life completes each other. Big changes happen when people and dreams come together. I love exploring what's missing in this ongoing stream. Actually, this is my job,” he says.

The mystery in the Gypsy Girl's gaze

Stating that he set out to complete an unfinished story, İşlekel said, “I like to create different perspectives on concepts in my work. Then I released them. It merges with people's emotions and takes on a very different meaning than I imagined. Of course, each of us looks at the world from a different angle. This doesn't seem like a contradiction to me. It's just mysterious. Like the look of the Gypsy Girl Mosaic… What surprised him so much? Was he scared or was he happy? This secret will never be revealed…But now I realize that; Every smile is different, every sadness is unique to its owner. says.

the series continues

The first of Audi's “Find a Way” video series was released under the title 'Find a Way to Discover Yourself'. The series will continue in different atmospheres in the coming days with the extraordinary stories of pianist Emir Ersoy, writer Kemal Kaya, photographer Mustafa Arıkan and businessperson İrem Baltepe.

Each of the videos, in which the stories of people who seek a different way of living and who have different lifestyles are shared, take their inspiration from Audi's philosophy of 'excellence', 'innovation', 'fascinating', 'passionate', 'modern' and 'emotional aesthetics'. . Movies, audi.com.tr ve Audi Youtube can be viewed on the page.

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