Extraordinary Meeting of 2nd Hand Automobile Sector Representatives in the Capital

Extraordinary Meeting of 2nd Hand Automobile Sector Representatives in the Capital
Extraordinary Meeting of 2nd Hand Automobile Sector Representatives in the Capital

MASFED Board of Directors members and provincial association presidents held an extraordinary meeting to evaluate the intense complaints from the second-hand sector representatives and the situation of the sector.

The pressure exerted on the struggling sector by large internet sites that buy and sell second-hand cars brought together the heads of associations and sector representatives from all over Turkey in an extraordinary meeting held in Ankara.

Members of the Board of Directors of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Federation (MASFED), the umbrella organization of motor vehicle dealers, and the heads of affiliated provincial associations held an extraordinary meeting in the Capital to evaluate the intense complaints and demands from the sector.

Car dealership associations operating in 60 provinces across Turkey carried the complaints and support requests from their members, numbering around 70 thousand, to the MASFED headquarters in Ankara, where they discussed the problems with the Federation officials and held intensive consultation meetings on solution proposals. The main agenda item of the meeting, on the other hand, was that the already difficult second-hand automobile sector, which was getting stronger, came to a dead end due to the great pressure created by some internet sites, and the difficulties experienced by the dealership shopkeepers.

In addition to MASFED Chairman Aydın Erkoç, Secretary General Niyazi Berktaş, Vice Presidents Hayrettin Ertemel, Serkan Karakaları, Disciplinary Committee Chairman Mahmut Ulucan, Advisory Board Chairman İsmail Aydınkaş, MASFED CEO Vedat Güler and members of the board of directors, the meeting held at Autonomy was held in Adana. Provincial association presidents from Turkey to Konya, from Trabzon to Van, representing motor vehicle dealers from various regions of Turkey, participated.

Stating that the economic difficulties experienced due to the pandemic, the problems experienced in production and supply, as well as the fluctuating course of the exchange rate and high interest rates, brought the second-hand automobile industry to a standstill, President Aydın Erkoç said, "Our industry is in a difficult situation... The chip crisis still continues. As the factories pause production, it is getting harder to meet the demand and find vehicles in our country day by day. Currency course, fuel zamUnfortunately, the high taxes and Special Consumption Tax (SCT) negatively affect the sector. The economic crisis in the world and its effects in our country; A Russia-Ukraine war going on right next to us… While all this is going on, we are trying to struggle with difficulties and provide benefits for our country. As can be seen from the intense complaints from our colleagues, the fact that some websites use their power as a pressure factor and put both car dealers and buyers in trouble is an issue that requires a solution, of course,'' he said.

Reminding that some of the big internet sales sites were established with a service-oriented approach, free of charge or at affordable prices in the first period of their operation, Erkoç said, “Unfortunately, we see with regret today that these sites have turned into a different structure in terms of both functioning and understanding. These websites, which have become operational with completely unfair and exorbitant prices and limited service policy, are putting great pressure on our tradesmen and citizens, who are oppressed under difficult conditions, with unfair and exorbitant commissions. Important decisions have been made here today. Our federation will also carry out studies to solve this problem, and necessary steps will be taken at the solution point,'' he said.

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