What is the PCR Test Price?

How Much Is The PCR Test Price?
How Much Is The PCR Test Price?

Almost two years have passed since the corona virus first appeared. However, as the virus has not been completely eliminated, it is wondered how the picture will be with the new variants. New normals are coming into play in almost all areas. At this point, the PCR test, which has been used in medicine for many years, is referred to as the corona virus test.

It is the most applied test due to its advantages such as ease of PCR application, fast and precise results. According to the latest regulations, since September, a negative PCR test result has been required to enter concerts, cinemas, theaters, matches and other public areas.

In addition, it is obligatory to have regular tests in many workplaces and in the public sector, as well as before participation in international flights and bus trips. With all this Price of PCR test How much is more curious.

PCR test can be done free of charge in public hospitals. However, since it is difficult to find a queue and make an appointment, private health institutions are more preferred. Although there are slight differences between the prices in private health institutions, test prices vary between 250 TL and 300 TL in general in Istanbul..

Where is it done?

The PCR test is used to measure the presence of the virus in the body of the person and the immunity of the person. For this reason, it is absolutely done in fully equipped laboratories, under hospital conditions. Since the beginning of the corona virus, it has been on the agenda and preferred more, health institutions have been subjected to more experiments in this regard, and the Ministry of Health has authorized the institutions that can test.

It is possible to list the places where the PCR test is performed as follows:

  • public hospitals,
  • Authorized private hospitals,
  • Authorized health clinics,
  • Authorized health centers,
  • Authorized laboratories.

Each stage of the PCR test, from sample collection to examination and conclusion of samples, requires special equipment. Samples should be taken under sterile conditions with the right techniques, and they should be transported to laboratories in safe environments to be examined. Since not every health institution will work with the same care, experienced, reliable and experts should definitely be chosen when choosing the place where PCR testing will be done.

How To?

PCR test is of great importance in detecting viruses and initiating treatment in the early period. One of the biggest advantages is that there is no need for blood draw and the results are available in a short time.

PCR, which is an extremely reliable test, helps to start the quarantine process as soon as possible in order to reduce the risk of transmission of the disease, and makes it possible to apply the quarantine process by adjusting it. Since it helps to diagnose the disease in the early period, it helps to start treatment without risking the health of other people.

For the PCR test, the result of which can be obtained in a short time, a swab is taken from the nose or throat of the person with a surgical swab with a cotton tip on the tip. The swab sample taken is placed in a surgical container and delivered to the laboratory, where it is transferred to the test cartridges. In cartridges, the sample is self-filtered.

After filtration, ultrasonic waves are given to the samples. The RNA of the virus belonging to the coronavirus is taken. Then the genetic material of the virus and the agents of PCR mix with each other. The substance in the reaction tube is real zamThe diagnosis is made by examining it for clear identification. All these applications and examinations must be carried out in a sterile environment under the control of experts.

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