What are the Borlease Car Rental Types? Advantages of Borlease Operational Leasing!

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The car rental industry is a developing industry today. With individual and corporate car rentals, users make a significant profit from other costs. You need to rent a car from a corporate company in order not to experience any grievances during and after car rental. In order to benefit from the mentioned advantages and avoid legal problems, you can choose a company that is an expert in its field, such as Borlease. Offered to our valued users: “Borlease Rent a car What are the types and Borlease operational leasingWhat are the advantages and fleet leasing We will provide detailed information on the topics of “Those who are curious about”.

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What are the Borlease Car Rental Types?

Borlease offers the advantages of renting a car to companies and individual users with its 100% customer satisfaction mission.

Borlease offers operational leasing services, where companies can easily manage their cash without the need to use their own capital. Companies rent the vehicles to be used by company employees from Borlease, thus minimizing operating costs and financial losses. Operational leasing offers many advantages on both the financial and operational side.

Another service offered by Borlease is fleet rental. Borlease, which has a wide vehicle fleet, offers various solutions to the fleet rental needs of companies. It also provides all the advantages of operational leasing for your commercial vehicles. You can rent the commercial vehicles you need with Borlease's expert team.

Can make long-term rentals from 12 months to 48 months. zamYou can get service from 1 day up to 6 months with short-term car rental.


The Advantages We Offer During the Car Rental Period as Borlease

Borlease offers high-level services with its professional team and car rental service. The advantages offered by Borlease during the car rental period are as follows:

  • Periodic maintenance of the vehicles you rent during and after the rental process, seasonal tire changes and transactions such as tax, insurance, plate deferral are also carried out by Borlease.
  • Eliminates the purchase cost expenses of purchased vehicles, for resale after wear and tear zamYou don't need to waste any time.
  • You can rent different class vehicles for your needs and wishes at the most affordable prices. Thanks to the vehicles you rent through Borlease zamYou save time and costs.

Advantages of Borlease Operational Leasing!

Transferring the management of the vehicles your company needs to a car rental company saves costs and provides many advantages while providing more effective working opportunities. Advantages of Borlease operational leasing!

  • When you make operational leasing through Borlease, the periodic maintenance, breakdown, damage, tire change and spare vehicle operations of the vehicles are done by Borlease. We aim to reduce the costs and material damage risks of the companies we serve by performing the license plate registrations, taxes and insurance transactions of the vehicles.
  • It provides service with its expert team in the sector in order to increase customer satisfaction to 100% during and after the operational leasing process.
  • With your monthly fixed payments and affordable rental prices, you can receive the vehicles you need and control the cash flow of your company.

Advantages of Borlease Fleet Leasing!

All processes in the fleet rental service are managed by Borlease. The advantages of Borlease fleet rental with its wide vehicle fleet are as follows:

  • You don't have to buy the vehicles you want to rent, you can pay in monthly fixed installments for fleet rentals and you don't need to cash out in bulk.
  • If the vehicles you rented need to be renewed, you will not have to deal with sales. You can eliminate the processes of second-hand sales and new vehicle procurement, and you can benefit from the Borlease spare vehicle service.
  • When you buy a vehicle for your company, you have to pay VAT, in fleet rentals, VAT can be used as a deductible VAT. You can show all the expenses you will make for fleet leasing as an expense for your company. In this way, you can control cost items and expenses.

borlease It offers various mobility services by combining its experience in the sector with technology. It aims to serve you with 100% customer satisfaction by adopting a flexible and solution-oriented approach towards your needs and wishes. To benefit from Borlease operational leasing and fleet leasing advantages, you can visit Borlease.com and contact You can pass.

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