I want to sell my vehicle, what should I do?

car cash
car cash

We will provide you with information on how vehicle owners will follow when they want to sell their vehicle, as well as examine the sales channels one by one for you. Because the used car sales process is a bit of a painstaking process, I want to sell my vehicle After saying that, a series of processes will be waiting for you. Now, if you wish, let's list the vehicle sales process for you in order.

Prepare Your Vehicle to Sell

When you decide to sell your vehicle, you need to eliminate the problems that will prevent the sale officially. In other words, past or current MTV debt, continuation loan debt, pledge, etc., also the vehicle must have a current Inspection. You can pay your debts such as MTV debt, traffic fines, etc., online via the website of the Revenue Administration, with a credit card. In order to see if there are pledges etc. on the vehicle due to credit debt, you can check the lien, pledge etc. on the vehicle via the View deprivation of rights tab on my vehicles tab via E-GOVERNMENT.

Determine Your Vehicle's Expertise Information

Before you put your vehicle up for sale, you need to know about the appraisal. Because expertise is important for the valuation of the vehicle. First of all, you can determine the damage records of the vehicle by sending a message to 5664. If you do not know the changed paint condition on the vehicle later on, you can take it to an appraisal and learn the current appraisal status of the vehicle. In addition, when you put the vehicle up for sale, having an up-to-date report will add + value to you.

Determine the Price of Your Vehicle

You solved the problems that would prevent you from selling your vehicle legally, then you determined the appraisal status, now it's time to learn the market value of the vehicle. Correct price determination before selling a car will prevent you from losing thousands of liras. You can learn the value of the vehicle through automatic pricing systems, but it is useful to know that it is not very healthy. In order to find out the value of your vehicle, you need to go to the classifieds sites and compare the equivalent ads. In other words, you can compare the appraisal, kmi package, condition, etc. and determine the price by saying yes, my vehicle is the same as this, on the precedent advertisement. In fact, it is useful to filter it as a person or gallery. Announcement of galleries is also important in terms of price determination.

Post an Ad to Sell Your Vehicle

Before posting, have your vehicle cleaned inside and out. Then take pictures from suitable angles and even a short video if possible. You can place an ad on sahibinden.com, a well-known ad site in Turkey, or on Arabam.com. What you need to pay attention to when placing an ad, you need to enter your vehicle's brand / model / year / package / km information completely.

I want to sell my vehicle urgently, what should I do?

In this case, it may not be the right choice for you to post advertisements on advertisement sites. Why ? If your situation is urgent, you should apply to alternative vehicle sales channels, since placing an advertisement and waiting for a buyer to come is a process.

Alternative vehicle sales sites

  • carnakit.com
  • mycar.com
  • vava.cars
  • www.homeotosat.com
  • autoshops.com
  • auto.net

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