Suzuki's Solution to the Problem I Can't Find a Car

Suzuki's Solution to the Problem I Can't Find a Car
Suzuki's Solution to the Problem I Can't Find a Car

Suzuki, one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers, continues to offer solution-oriented campaigns for its hybrid models with comfort, technology and economy. Continuing its “My Suzuki is on the Road” solution with the assurance of Doğan Trend Otomotiv this month and fixing the price of the vehicle before taxes, Suzuki creates solutions for its customers in urgent need of a vehicle with the “My Spare Suzuki” program. Within the scope of the campaign, an individual Suzuki Vitara rental option is offered with very special opportunities. In this way, Suzuki, which comes to the rescue of those who need a vehicle without delay in supply, ensures that its authorized dealers can offer quick solutions to their customers.

Suzuki, which was introduced to the market in Turkey with the assurance of Doğan Trend Otomotiv, a subsidiary of Doğan Holding, prevents its customers from experiencing disability with the “My Suzuki is on the Road” pre-sale application. With the pre-sale application offered to those who want to own a brand new model from Suzuki's technological, comfortable and hybrid product family, a fixed price opportunity comes with it. The prices of the models in the Suzuki product range, which will be preferred in this context, are fixed during the pre-sale, excluding taxes. Suzuki customers, who will benefit from the pre-sale application in December, will be able to receive their new cars within the first four months of 2022, depending on the model they choose.

Exclusive 'My Spare Suzuki' service while waiting for the new vehicle!

Offering a second service in addition to the “My Suzuki is on the Way” application, the brand offers Suzuki Vitara rental services under favorable conditions to its customers, until they receive their vehicles, in addition to the pre-sale application that it has commissioned. Vitara rental service is available for a monthly fee of 5.000TL + VAT.

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