What are the Cologne Types?

What are the Cologne Types?
What are the Cologne Types?

Cologne is important for Turkish culture. It is a versatile product with its germ-killing feature, which is offered to guests during the holidays. In addition, since it is not produced in a single type types of colognes appeals to different tastes. These types are generally as follows;

  • lemon scented
  • floral scented
  • Lavender
  • fruity scented
  • sea ​​scented
  • Perfumed

These varieties are the same zamIt is also used for different purposes. For example, perfumed colognes are preferred because they have more natural ingredients compared to normal perfumes. Those who have sleep problems often use lavender-scented ones.

How to Pack Cologne Varieties?

For easier use types of colognes It is packaged in different ways. They are packaged as 100 ml, 400 ml, 270 ml, 1L or 5L. Thus, the product in the appropriate size can be purchased. In addition, the product can be put in a plastic or glass bottle.

Glass bottles are visually much more elegant. But plastic bottles are often preferred because they are more durable and cheaper. The designs of the bottles also vary. It can be perforated, in the form of a spray or with a pump. The product with the size and design you want https://www.dermokilshop.com/kolonya You can get it from.

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