Suggestions for Fuel Saving in Your Vehicle in Winter

Suggestions for Fuel Saving in Your Vehicle in Winter
Suggestions for Fuel Saving in Your Vehicle in Winter

The winter season often brings with it difficult conditions and additional costs for vehicle drivers. Especially in winter, with the decrease in air temperatures, fuel consumption also increases. However, some simple measures that can be taken help to reduce the fuel consumption, which increases during the winter months, and to alleviate the expense burden on the budgets. Serving its customers with a deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta shared the suggestions that can be taken regarding the increased fuel consumption in the winter months and that will contribute to the budgets.

Winter maintenance of the vehicle zamdo it instantly

The first and perhaps the most important factor in fuel economy is that important parts of the vehicle are working correctly. Some parts in the vehicle such as engine oil, air filter and spark plug directly affect fuel consumption. Due to these critical reasons, the maintenance of the vehicle both in summer and in winter should not be neglected.

Parking in a garage if possible

During the winter months, if possible, parking the vehicle in the garage provides benefits in terms of fuel consumption. This ensures that the temperature of the vehicle is maintained, the engine oil remains liquid and the engine warms up faster.

Checking the tires

Vehicle tires must be inflated with sufficient air pressure. The movement of tires that do not have sufficient pressure will cause the vehicle to exert more effort, especially in winter, and will consume fuel. It should be noted that inflating vehicle tires to the dimensions specified by the manufacturer provides significant fuel savings.

Do not brake suddenly

Accelerating suddenly while the vehicle is in motion causes the engine to try to take more fuel from the fuel tank. In addition, sudden braking and maneuvers cause fuel to run out faster. To prevent this, gear shifts should be kept soft and the vehicle should be accelerated gradually.

Turning on the air conditioner zamtake care of the moment

Running the vehicle air conditioner as soon as you get in the vehicle in winter causes more fuel consumption. Because in order for the air conditioner to give the desired temperature, the engine temperature must be provided. Therefore, the air conditioner should be turned on after the engine is thoroughly warmed up.

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