Minister Koca: Adults Who Have Been BioNTech Can Have Reminder Dose Vaccines


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said, “All our citizens aged 18 and over, who have been vaccinated with mRNA six months later, can receive the reminder dose vaccine as of tomorrow.”

The Minister of Health, who published a written statement after the scientific board meeting, said in summary:

15 percent of the cases in the last month consist of our citizens over the age of 60. However, 84,8 percent of the deaths are our citizens over the age of 60.

It has been determined that the vaccines show the most protective feature between three and six months. In this regard, reminder dose vaccinations should be given.

We reached 2 volunteers at TURKOVAC; We need 1.000 more volunteers.

The ratio of school-age children in the 8-16 age group to total cases decreased by about 10 percent.

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